Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery

Hey and Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday's Chattery was fantastic, it's so great to see so many of us chip in our tuppence and help a gal out. 

I heard something late last night that I'd love to get your take on: A pal of a pal is getting set to be bridesmaid for her brother's wedding this August and, of course, is delighted. That was until this weekend when she was asked, not so politely at a family dinner, by her future Sis in law how she was planning on losing her extra weight before the big day...

What do we think? Is her brother's fiancĂ©e in the right? Should she be told to take a long walk off a short plank? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts & of course feel free to pop up any issues or chat needs you're having too. 

Let's get our Chat on!

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Felicity said...

I'm so over the whole Bridezilla thing. Oh I know it's supposed to be the biggest day in a girls life and all that mularkey but seriously, COME ON! 1) That kind of negates the role of the groom in the whole thing; 2) 'Twould make said groom wonder about how equal the future partnership is going to be - if it's 'her' day, will it be 'her' life? 3) Just because you've managed to finagle a ring onto your finger is no reason to be a bitch!

If I were your pal of a pal, I'd borrow a sumo suit for the next family dinner, and insist on wearing docs for my wedding shoes (I may actually have done the latter at my best friend's wedding, but then, the bride wore docs too! Because we were CLARS)

Nichole Quinn said...

Piff, it's very demanding of the bride, but as someone who has watch normal sane woman turn into obsessive harpies once they have a ring and a date, I fear it's the norm.
Hard one for the girl in question, to bring up the issue is a sure way to cause a row, I'd ignore it, and if it happens again, then make it an issue.
Mind you I'm a curvy girl..who has always said no to being a bridesmaid when asked, often to shocked brides to be

Lorraine - John It's Only Makeup! said...

I'd tell her to do one, doughnut in one hand, coffee slice in the other. So cruel - how can you even think about a friend like that?

Unknown said...

That's really rude. The bride to be should feel happy that her future husband's sister is agreeing to be a bridesmaid in the first place! Asking question like that is surely breaking up the family ties. I always have the same philosophy when it comes to family: you can choose your friends but not your family. So we should always accept our family members as they are. :D

Unknown said...

hmm. I have to say that my wedding was planned with me not really caring about much. Certain songs had to be played but had my future wife said anything remotely as rude as this I would not have gone through with it. Had she turned into one of those women from that show however I can tell you that she would not have my ring on her finger. You can rest assured if she is like that for her wedding, it will rear its ugly head at some stage. If i was the bridesmaid, I would keep the weight, and get the boobyest dress out there. flaunt that body and upset the bride ;)

Nichole Quinn said...

I like David Comment, made me laugh this morning

Unknown said...

I think its the highest form of rudeness to comment on another woman's weight, bride to be or not! If I was in that position I would only hope my brother would have the guts to stand up to his wife to be for insulting his flesh and blood. Blood is thicker than water after all, but then again every family is different I guess. After my commenting last week on being unhappy at work, I went in last week and found my hours were to be reduced to a measly 14 to make way for one coming back from being sick. Not only am I there 4 years but I'm there longer than she is so after serious thought I told them (politely) to shove it! So now I've no idea where I'm headed... But maybe that's not a bad thing!

Sandra Moore said...

My sisters would have knocked me out if I made any such comments when I asked them to be my bridesmaids! It sounds like the b*tch- I mean bride -isn't happy about having to ask her hubby to be's sister to be a bridesmaid. I hope your pal has the sense to have a quiet word with her brother and clue him in on the fact that this type of behaviour is not acceptable and it doesn't bode well for him in the future either! The neck of some people