Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 10/04/16

Spring has well and truly sprung, the evenings are brighter, the work diary is fit to burst and everyone's in great health in Casa Cherry. I mean it's not like I have to search far for Moments to chase away my Monday Blues this week but there are five stand outs - I'd love to hear yours!

1. Hairy Potter arriving home from Florida! I'm all for the lads being independent and spreading their wings but three weeks on the other side of the planet from Adam was beginning to give me palpitations. I mean, what if no one ever knew how to make my tea again?! I jest. He's home. I'm chuffed.

2. Diesel managing a full 25 minute walk like the pup he thinks he is after his stroke. Granted he slept like a log for 13 hours afterward but still. I snapped him with the Rocky tune playing and the amount of people that snapped back to wish him well or cheer him on. You're all bloody legends!

3. Aaron (@DieHardDublin) recording two slots for Spin 1038! He was invited in to chat movies with Gordon Hayden and had a fantastic time. Cross your fingers that it becomes a regular thing!

4. Spending time with little Alex, in Wales. With all the commotion I didn't tell you about his Toothless teddy. I bought him a Build-A-Bear teddy when he was a baby with my voice inside because we don't see him as much as we'd like. The poor child was stunned that my voice was his bear's voice, as if his Toothless had come to life, or at the very least, learned ventriloquism.

5. The Google Alert I have set up for social media mentions popping Rach's blog onto my radar! Read it HERE. Every Sunday Rachel interviews an Irish Beauty Blogger and asks about their inspirations or fave bloggers and little ol' me got so many mentions!! I'm over the moon. Thanks so much, ladies <3

Tell us, what chased away your Monday Blues today, Hmmm? 

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