Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 25/04/16

What a weekend! Spent bar hopping, musical watching & makeup shopping in London with Corrina for my belated birthday trip; the truth is I may be delirious with tired in writing today's post. How and ever, I can't let a Monday go by without giving thanks so here goes: 

1. Aaron sliding a card into my passport with money to buy my favourite Jo Malone in the airport. He just likes to see me blubber!

2. Flying British Airways for the first time and getting off the flight sideways, thanks to the overly generous complimentary drinks cart! The gorgeous girls gave us so much that we ended up in our Kensington hotel that night drinking gin from the tea mugs. WHAT a way to start an incredible weekend!

3. The weekend in its entirety, thanks to Corrina! She's not the maestro of Travel for nothing! She planned the lot and what she didn't plan we winged. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. Thanks, Sis!

4. Cocktails with the gorgeous Siún from to interview for her fabulous new site. She's one of my all time favourite critical thinkers; warm, funny & incredibly intelligent. That's something the Irish digital scene just can't have enough of. Check her latest post to see exactly what I mean, it's a hugely empowering piece with Mary McGill, you'll be glad you read it. 

5. THIS message from a lovely Snapper that grabbed life by the neck having watched my Snaps - I welled up as soon as I read it. Women are INCREDIBLE!

 Tell us, what Moment means you've no Monday blues this week? I'd love to hear!

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