Friday, May 06, 2016

Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 1 Review!


So it's back again (x6!), the show that every season I put off watching until halfway through then get REALLY INTO IT and watch it all at once. I've decided this time to keep up, and I'm not disappointed gladly!

I never thought I'd say it, but I was actually excited to see Roose and Ramsey Bolton back. They're proper bad guys - they want power and to crush their enemies (see them driven before them etc.), not like EVERY VILLAIN IN EVERYTHING now having some misguided emotional reason. They're cruel, they're scheming, and I just can't wait to see them beaten. 

Speaking of the Boltons, while nothing really happened with her, I think Sansa's character might go full Black Window/Jean D'Arc this season and make me sorry for ever doubting her.

Brienne and Pod are AMAZING, I've always loved Brienne but she's so totally badass in this episode that it nearly (half) fills the void left by Captain Phasma's nothingness. We also went to Dorn - which I love the aesthetic of - but despite what happened I felt let down and that it's just going to become another boring place used as a different flavour to the usual grey.

We rejoined the people of Daenerys' court and subjects without the Mhysa herself - which I have no problem with. Lately I've found the people surrounding her to be interesting and not so much herself, and now that my second favourite character and The Imp seem to have such great chemistry I believe they'll only get better.

Episode 1 has a lot in it - a lot a lot - but for some reason it felt weirdly devoid of anything really memorable except the end. All our favourite faces are there, but I'd say only a couple interested me. As a whole I think they tried to put a bit too much in, but it wasn't bad per se - just some stories felt a bit rushed.


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