Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 23/05/16

It's been a little while since we've celebrated some Monday's Moments but you know what? I need 'em to give me a little perspective on what's been going on of late. So I'm giving thanks for the little things & the big things once more and chasing off my Monday blues with some Moments that make it all worth while, I'd love to hear yours too!

1. Both Rob & Catherine going above & beyond when we lost Diesel. Rob took control & dealt with the vet from the day we lost him. 

We brought D home for the last time on Saturday night thanks to them and I can't explain how much that helped us as a family. They made a devastating situation slightly more bearable & I couldn't be more grateful for that. 

2. FINALLY getting my phone back! Expect a return to Snapchat & social media as a whole now that I'm rid of the potato phone. 

3. Being commissioned as a writer for Ultimate Weddings Xposé - Isn't it strange how I'm far from the marrying kind myself but get unbridled (fnar) joy from writing about nuptials?!

4. Taking part in the Dream It Do It workshop again this past weekend. Have a quick look at the hashtag #DIDI. 

I love that they're so informal, the whole room share their truth, once they hear you speak. Those days truly are chicken soup for the soul. 

5. Stepping on the sad step (weighing scales) in the office today (I refuse to have one at home) to realise I've officially lost 3 stone (!) since early November. 

It's been a combination of walking & common sense but I haven't felt this well either physically or mentally in years. I'm thrilled!

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday blues today? 

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