Friday, May 06, 2016

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 2 Review!

I was going to start out this review with something along the lines of 'WHAT HAPPENED?!', but I think I know exactly what happened. I believe this episode might be the last of the book content used (I've only read the first!).

I LOVED some of the scenes in this episode, there were a few that were so over-the-top they were really fun, despite Game of Thrones CGI still being hot trash. There were the dragons though, and they looked GREAT! After the disaster that was Daenarys escape on the awful dragon last season they looked so much better next to Tyrion - they were HUGE and moved as if they were real.

I was a lot happier with seeing Arya this episode than last, I thought they were going to carry on the Mr. Miyagi style abuse past it but I think they left it off perfectly. Arya's story got a bit stale for me last season, but with the returning character in her life I've gotten a whole lot more interested.

From the start of the show my favourite characters have been Varys and Davos, and this episode was amazing for the latter! I love Liam Cunningham as The Onion Knight and his "Sorry for what you're about to see" sounded amazing - and has me dying to see what we "..were about to see"!!

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Watching it I felt like it had gone full TV producer - which is not a bad thing - but it felt like they went for all the shock value in one go again. Some of the scenes just didn't feel needed, and others just had no subtlety to them whatsoever as apposed to before.

Despite a some of my hopes and dreams from the last post being shattered, the exchange between Jaime and High Sparrow really felt tense as well as new characters, so hurry up sunday!!

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