Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 11/07/16

That Monday very nearly got away from me, very nearly because the weekend before it managed! To say I'm been burning the candle at both ends would be an understatement but there's always, ALWAYS time to give thanks, right? In no particular order of deadliness this week: 

1. Accepting an invite to be a special guest at the Voya customer evening in the Ice House in Ballina this week. 

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. Beauty, bubbles and a well earned break. They may not get me out of the robes now that I'll have room in them! 

2. Second one, I'm truly not bragging, just incredibly grateful, is that Renault are giving me wheels for a wee while. Just in time to get my tuckus to Ballina to wedge into that very robe!

Road Trip. Caraoke. Is. ON!

3. Making it all the way home after Tarzan last week with a half dozen hot donuts under my oxter. The ENTIRE bus hated me but the entire house loved me once I got here. 

Just as well the driver drove like he stole a stage coach because they were still warm when I shared them out. Even Heidi got her share. Cinnamon's her fave seemly...

4. Popping by the Argos 20th birthday party during the week and being transported back to Aaron's childhood. The year Teletubbies couldn't be gotten for love nor money. 

I remembered buying the bubble baths (because the lids were the characters heads) and sewing felt bodies to go with. Aaron (2) was over the moon and I remember being prouder than I've ever felt that I could provide for him. 

That was huge for 19yo single me, and entirely forgotten until I spotted that Tinky Winky lad once more.

5. The Snapchat Blogging Q&A I did last night being one of the most popular stories I've ever shared. That's thanks to you ledgebags sharing & shouting it out on your own platforms too. 

Not only that but it leading to two legitimate offers of paid work today, simply for sharing openly & honestly. 

Bloody marvels, every one of you!

So tell me, what's been chasing away your Monday blues this week? 

It's cathartic to share ya'know? 

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