Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dr Hauschka Limited Edition Chorus Collection for Spring/Summer 2014

In a world seemingly gone mad at the slightest sniff of a nude palette, the launch of Dr Hauschka's limited edition Chorus range is a sight for bland eyes. Bold, bright shadows that shouldn't work but do and incredibly so are paired with more subdued hues and tones to give your make up stash the shimmer and matte Spring awakening it needs. 

This six piece strong edit has just hit counters and if you haven't yet sampled anything from this natural skincare and makeup line then I'd urge you to dip your toes with Chorus. 

At the heart of the collection is the matte & shimmer blush trio. Housed in a sturdy compact, smudge proof (WE LIKE) and sedate but for the holographic accents, this all in one product can be used for a wash of colour in a natural day time look or built up to get you from office to an evening out. 

Flattering on all skin tones there is nothing here not to like. Well pigmented and soft to the touch these colours can be used separately or swirled lightly together for an all over skin finish. 

The gloss is non sticky with a slight sheen. Scented of lavender, this and the neutral toned, slightly shimmering, scent free lippie are the ideal accompaniment to not only this collection but any strong eye look you might be hoping to achieve. As always with Dr Hauschka, you can be pretty much guaranteed that the natural ingredients used will have your pucker in top condition as it naturally nourishes lips throughout wear time (approx 2 hours). 

Both Eyeshadow Duos are not colours I would have ever thought to put together but just seeing Karim Sattar (Dr H International Gorgebag) use them on Roz on the evening of the launch was literally eye opening - as in my eyes widened as I saw the results he achieved with little or no effort using these shimmery soft and matte shadow couplings. 

The soft taupe kajal liner is precise enough to up the ante with your eye look but soft and smudgeable enough (if you work fast) to create a more muted effect. 

Let's be honest, Karim had a stunning canvas to work with but LOOK at those colours together

Available online here or in all good pharmacies and some health food stores

As you can see prices aren't that spendy, considering the quality of product on the counter. Made using all natural ingredients, Dr Hauschka's Chorus is naturally pretty on every skin tone and for that reason I'd nod my head toward a counter near you before it leaves us in late March. (Momma's Day, anyone?)

Are you a Dr Hauschka fan, anything here tickling your Springtime pickle? 


Unknown said...

That blush looks lovely!! x

Anonymous said...


Beautiful stuff! I don't think people pay enough attention to Dr. H, love the stuff!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh the blush, the lipstick, the eye pencil, I want it all!.. I laughed at Dr H International Gorgebag xx