Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Hump Day Chattery

We've made it to mid week! 

I can't tell you how happy that makes me. 

Got a beauty dilemma or head melting colleague? You're in the right place to let rip. 

What are you up to today then? Let's get our Chat on!


Felicity said...

Roll call! Did everyone come through the night OK? Hope everyone was safe

Breedao said...

It was a bit wild alright - it wasn't raining on my way to the bus but was lashing on when I got off - hoping the day is going to brighten up - hate these dark days

Unknown said...

Yesterday had a shite one. went for a walk with nugget and it took so long I missed the poxy amazon order I had scheduled to arrive * on monday no less. grrr I wouldnt mind, I have to poxy well traipse to dunshauglin to collect them now. Also while out I forgot the letter I have been meaning to post since sunday. Remembered it halfway there. Dunno why I did the euro millions last night, I will probably end up owing them money.
Later today though I have my northwood appointment so I can find out just how bad my knee is. Reckon it needs a new one :(

If yis do go out, dont forget your swimming clobber ;)

Breedao said...

On my way home thankfully after quite a busy day - off tomorrow - I have to try renew my passport - it's out since October and forms are in the house since December. I have to go to London for a meeting Feb 20 - it involves training as well so can't really miss it - think I'll have to do a go into them renewal as won't have time to do the express one

Felicity said...

I cut off all my hair today. My hair is its natural colour for the first time in TWENTY SEVEN YEARS, ladles and jellyspoons. Oh, yuss.

While enjoying having someone else wash my hair and give me a head massage, the thought occurred to me: How amazeyballs would it be if your hairdresser was (insert hunk of your choice here). My life would be beyond complete

Breeda, you will have to go in. Remember you need the photos to be poifect and you'll need to go to the Garda Station to get them to sign everything off. Depending on the station it can take a looong time to get that done. But hey, try and give yourself some time to have fun while you're in London town. My port o'call of choice would be Charlotte Tilbury in Selfridge's if I was heading that way....