Tuesday, July 08, 2014

How I Pack 'Carry On' Friendly Makeup For a Weekend Away - My Top Ten

When it comes to throwing a bag together for a short break, I'm all about cutting back to the essentials only. That's mostly because I can't be doing with lugging tons of 'stuff'. As ever, on our recent trip to Wales, I wanted to keep my liquids to a minimum as I was hoping to pick up some beauty bits while away. This is what I brought so as to fly under the radar of airport security but still look FABulous doing it. 

Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara, Boots, Mascara, HD Mascara, Budget, 17, Lashes
Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara: €8.99 (out July 9th)
Seventeen's newest mascara, Falsifeye HD, has blown me away this past couple of weeks. Having only managed to use it a handful of times in the week before the flight, I still knew it'd be the chosen one when it came to packing. 

The formulation adapts to building more than any mascara I've used, meaning I could use it for all occasions. Lashes are separated, elongated and black as night. This is a lash batting winner and took a deserved place in my makeup travel stash. (See it in action here

Vichy Dermablend Concealer, High Coverage Concealer, Cover Tattoos, Serious Acne, Cover Acne
Dermablend Concealer: €16.95 here
Having been stricken with a couple of hormonal Vesuvius' before take off, this Dermablend concealer came to my rescue and then some. The high coverage, creamy concealer takes a moment to warm up between fingers but should really be renamed Photoshop in a Tube. 

The stick formulation meant that it was ideal for a carry on bag and the performance meant it was ideal for use all over my poor visage. There really is nothing else like this on the market today. 

Stila Deep Burgundy Smudge Stick, Burgundy Liner, Coloured Eyeliner, Burgundy
Stila Deep Burgundy Smudge Stick: $8.75 Here (Seller restocks often)
This Stila Smudge Stick has rarely been off my súils this past few months so it really was a no brianer when thinking of coloured liners to make the trip. 

The Deep Burgundy shade is flattering as a mo' fo' on blue/green eyes and can be worn with just a slick of mascara and still look like I've still made serious effort. That's holiday genius right there. 

Gel Liner, Push Up Liner, New Liner, Benefit, They're Real, Accuflex
Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner: €25 Here
The newest innovation in gel liners, Benefit's Push Up Liner has joined the They're Real collection with gusto. The patented design includes an AccuFlex nib to allow the jet black gel get right into the lash line with ease. 

Word(s) of warning: It takes 73 clicks for you to see product, thereafter just one click is more than enough product for each eye and despite the advertising - this takes practice. 

Given all of that, not only would I heartily recommend the Push Up Liner for not only your travel bag but your life but I'd also now like one in every colour please, Benefit, kthxbai.  

Gimme Brow, Brow Gel, Fool Proof, Sparse Brows, Fibre Gel, Brow Mascara
Benefit Gimme Brow: €24.50 Here
I mentioned this weenchy pocket rocket only yesterday on Instagram . The size makes it an ideal brow saviour for travel but also means that there's very little chance a burly security guard is going to think you're about to blow up the plane with the whole 3g of gel. 

Again, this is buildable, so whether I just wanted a quick tidy or want something more substantial for a night on the Welsh tiles - Gimme Brow had my back - well it had my brows but you know what I mean..

Chubby Stick, Mega Melon, Clinique
Clinique Chubby Stick - Mega Melon: €20 Here
Packed full of shea butters for lip nourishment, there really is no wrong a Chubby Stick can do in my eyes. Mega Melon is a muted smokey pink and is not only wearable anywhere but is incredibly flattering while doing so. No muss, no fuss products ideal for flying? Yes, please, Clinique.

CC Cream, Eye Cream, 123 Perfect,
Bourjois CC Cream for Eyes: €10.49
Part of this years CC Cream launch from Bourjois - arguably my favourite CC cream of all time, the 123 Perfect Eye Cream is a soft creamy concealer than not only disguises dark circles but also brings light back to the face so can be used as a highlighter too. 

This one I packed as I don't like to use Dermablend on the delicate under eye area - I also don't like to look dead. Win/Win. 

Ambient Light, Space NK, Dim Light, Hourglass
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: £56 Here
Ah, my one true finishing powder love. I was never going to board a plane without this, just as there's not many places I ever go now without it. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is an unassuming package so won't attract any security scrutiny but Great Googly Moogly, the power it holds inside. 

Even with absolutely nothing else on my visage, this can make me look a million dollars. Who doesn't want that? 

CC, CC compact, Silver Palette, SPF 30
Clinique CC Cream Compact: €36 Here
Colour correcting, hydrating, lightweight a humongous mirror and SPF 20 all in compact form. Is there anything about Clinique's CC Cream Compact that doesn't scream 'TAKE ME ON YOUR HOLLIER' to you? This little pretty was a life saver as a base and SPF in one, while away. 

My skin tone was even and didn't dry out once as can happen with compact formulations. If you haven't tried this one yet, I'd urge you to get it into your carry on tout suite. 

Cargo, Contour, Simple, Easy Contour
Cargo Contour Palette: €24 Here
My travel choice here doesn't really need explaining does it? Cargo have knocked it out of the park with this affordable, fool proof contour palette. The highlighter has just enough shimmer, the blush is a perfect pop of matte pink and the contour is a flattering matte shade of bronze that would suit most Irish skin tones. 

I reckon Cargo haven't been given nearly enough press of late. This handy, travel friendly compact should be enough for you to think so too. I loves it. 

Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone: €6.49 Pharmacies Nationwide
Finally, for my súils. One of my absolute favourite light weight palettes is Wet N' Wilds Comfort Zone. The ability to create a bajillion looks with a palette the size of your hand? That's always a good idea when travelling. 

These colours are so easy to use, whether as a wash of one colour or built up to something more - if you don't have this little budget beauty in your stash yet, you need to get it there!

And that's it. Everything I could ever possibly need, stuffed into my Space NK travel tote and chucked into my carry on bag with my passport. Nay a security brow was raised nor an alarm set off and I managed to use every stitch whilst there too, without wanting for more. 

Tell me, what's your go to travel beauty essential? 

Do you, like me, save the liquid allowance for the good stuff? 

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