Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Route 66 - Travelling The Mother Road with Babies and On a Budget - Viva Las Vegas!

Hey, welcome back to our Route 66 road trip. On this edition of Tuesday's Travels we're stopping off in Sin City itself - VEGAS!

Las Vegas is fantastic but just not ideal for children. They have strictly no under 21’s on any Casino floor, but we had a fantastic time walking the strip and watching the Bellagio Fountains and the outdoor show at Treasure Island hotel.

Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
We also brought them to the sharks at the Mandalay Bay. We stayed in the Stratosphere at the end of the strip it’s cheap as chips at only $40/€29 per night room only. It’s very hard to beat a burger & angel hair onion rings at Roxy’s Diner in the Stratosphere, It’s simply mouth watering. 

Another good hotel you can get at this rate is Hotel Tropicana at the other end of the strip. The airport is right behind the Tropicana and slightly further off the strip from Tropicana as a fantastic outlet mall.

Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas NV

Brunch on the 107th floor!

While in the Stratosphere we had the most delicious brunch in their revolving restaurant Top of the World on the 107th floor over 800 feet above ground. Steak & cocktails for us & meals for the children worked out at less than €100 - well worth a little splurge!

Dessert selection at Top of the World Restaurant, Stratosphere Hotel

There are a host of thrill rides along the strip so if you are a dare devil give some a whirl! The best ones are the roller coaster at New York New York (I was a big chicken) and another is Insanity 906 feet above the strip on the top of the Stratosphere.

This one I just decided to get mad & go on it. I screamed my head off as the safety barrier was lowered at the side of the building and the seats swung out over the edge. They then twirled faster & faster so the momentum swung the seat so you were facing the ground.

(Sue here - I'd just like to point out that Corrina had to remove her glasses for the ride so whether or not they just brought her out back and blew a wind machine at her full pelt - we'll never really know)(Also, Blind Coasters For Those with Glasses™ will be coming to a town near you soon. I just have to save enough for a wind machine) (As you were, Sis)

Looking up out the window at Insanity!

We brought the children to Fremont Street as they have free over head light shows every hour on the hour. They were amazed by it as the lights dance in time to piped music. The girls even managed to collect party beads from the hostesses as we were passing casinos along Fremont Street!

Fremont Street Cowboy & Cowgirl, iconic Vegas neon.

Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

The next morning we parted ways for an hour as hubby needed to visit a firing range so he could shoot things! As we had been in Vegas a few times before and visited a few firing ranges he felt he just had to do it again.  

Colin headed to the Gun Store on Tropicana where for less than $70/€51 he got to fire 4 different guns & even got a souvenir t-shirt. They take care of everything for you hearing/eye protection, safety lessons, and they’ll even take your photo for you.

The Gun Store, Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas

Meanwhile I brought the children to see the Car museum & fish tanks at Caesar’s Palace.

Mad Maggies tempting a fish with their toes!

While in Las Vegas you can visit the Grand Canyon, we didn’t on this occasion as we had done it on our last visit. There are oodles of packages to choose from & we decided to take a plane ride out to see it from the air before landing for lunch on the ledge of the Canyon. It cost us about $250/€183 each for the day trip of a lifetime.

One of many photos from the air!

When you land you are brought to the visitor centre where your tour guide picks you up & brings you on a very informative walk around the top of the Grand Canyon. You also get to meet a genuine Hualapai Native American who will show you his tribes way of living in & around the Grand Canyon.

That’s where we had lunch right on the ledge!

When we went, the glass walk way wasn't opened but it is now so we might just have to go back to get a better view!

Join us next week for the home stretch from Nevada into California.

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