Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery - Teen Tatler Advises Teens to Flirt with Their Friends' Fathers !!

Good morning Tuesday, how be you then? 

Ready to get a little angry on behalf of gullible teens everywhere? 

Teen Tatler, a magazine I was unaware even existed up until last night has been dishing out advice to young girls as to how to get ahead in life. I'm hoping you haven't eaten before reading this as you're about to feel more than a little nauseated: 

Pic courtesy of +Poppy Dinsey 

'Think of it as essential homework for life. Hone your social-seduction techniques now and those same tools will serve you handsomely for ever.'

With the target audience for readers of this supplement being as young as 13, it's easy to see why this advice is ill advised to say the very least. Toxic to put a more fine point on it. 

Surely in 2014 we should be teaching our young girls to respect themselves enough to be polite to everyone and work for the perks in life they'd like. Maybe some advice on part time jobs or helping in the community not teaching them that sexualising relationships is the way to get ahead. Christ, it makes my skin crawl. 

Tell us, am I overreacting? 

Do you see any harm in giving such advice to young girls as though it were the norm? 

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