Thursday, July 03, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

I'm blaming raging hormones, I'm blaming the osteopath that almost pummeled me to death, I'm blaming general buffoonery and I'm blaming each and every douche canoe I've encountered this week. That's a lot of blame. 

Only gifs can save me now. 

Here be just the top five things that rustled my jimmies this week:

1. When the Weeds Delivered Look NOTHING 
Like the Deluxe Bouquet Ordered Online

 photo pile_of_shit_zpsb5f9291d.gif

2. Couples That Have Joint Facebook Accounts

 photo post-23752-now-youre-just-embarrassing-yo-fcgS_zps5801a1fe.gif

3. 'No Offence But..'

 photo bitchwhoaskedyou_zpsf9e5c037.gif

4. Uploading Youtube Videos of Unsuspecting Others Without Asking Permission 

 photo obama-shrug_zps6e4de0b0.gif

5. Breaking A Nail Less Than An Hour 
After a Professional Manicure

 photo gotsf12_zps78d5a4ae.gif

You see? There is no dickery that a good gif can't remedy. 

Tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

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