Wednesday, July 09, 2014

New L'Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil Range Review

You might have seen L'Oreal's newest Age Perfect Extraordinary iterations popping up on your timelines of late. I popped along to the fragrant launch last month and have been giving the newest range a proper trial since then. The facial oil and oil-cream are formulated with 8 essential oils and there's not one of them that my visage doesn't like. 

8 Essential Oils: Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, Orange, Chamomile, Rose, Lavandin & Marjoram

As you can imagine, these 8 oils combined make for a heady herbal scent in the products but not overpoweringly so. Chosen for their lightweight properties both the facial oil and the oil-cream absorb easily into the skin and, while they leave a noticeable glow, they don't leave a shine on the skin as some oils can. 

Age Perfect Extraordinary Face Oil: 30ml €25.99
Just a couple of drops, as in 2 to 3, of the Extraordinary Facial Oil is all you need for your entire visage. Michaella Bolder, Facialist to the stars, don'tcha know, recommended this for use both morning and night - underneath your serum and moisturiser. She also advocated a bold move that I'm not sure I'm ready for yet and that's 2 drops, warmed between your palms and pressed onto your already made up face to give a luminous glow. 

While the inclusion of mineral oil in this formulation won't be to everyone's taste, the product itself has been a joy to use for me. As with every oily iteration, I use it in every way possible - not just for quickie facial massages of an eve but also through my hair and on my cuticles as the scent is just my cup of floral tinged herbal tea. 

Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream: €22.99
The oil-cream in the range to me is what women have been doing for eons - mixing their facial oils with their moisturiser of choice for a double whammy of hydration. All the same, it's nice to have a product make the leap and include the two - we're all about time saving here. 

Again we're talking oil without the slick as the smallest amount of the oil-cream hybrid is enough to nourish your entire fizzog. When paired with the facial oil, you're going to use even less. While I haven't seen huge changes with this Age Perfect offering over the past month, I have been reaching for it more than any other night time moisturiser. If you saw my dressing table, you'd know that was huge. 

Fingers of Fury herself, celebrity Facialist, Michaella Bolder
demonstrating the benefits of a good facial massage
While at the launch, I managed to catch up with Michaella Bolder, what she doesn't know about facial massage really isn't worth knowing. 

Her top tips for a good facial massage are thus: 

  • Do it. Often. 
  • Every time you apply product to the face, use it as an opportunity for a mini massage.
  • Firm circular motions on your brow bone outwards eliminate the 'smart phone effect' (that's the weight of our noggins and concentration causing tension on our brow as we look down to our phones ALL DAY LONG)
  • Regular facial massages create increased blood flow and subsequent collagen stimulation, meaning skin appears plumped and vibrant (stars have been using that red carpet trick before events for years appara)
  • Muscle has memory so regular facial massages remind those muscles where they're meant to be. (If Michaella's cheekbones are any indicator of this I may never stop massaging)
Both L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil products are in stores now with an entire Elvive hair care range to follow later this month. While sensitive skinned lasses might struggle with some of the essential oils included (rosemary in particular) I'd heartily recommend this slick duo to those of us with oily skin (contrary to popular belief oily skin NEEDS the moisture that oil offers) and also those with drier skin and looking for a hydration hit. 

Are you a facial oil fan? Have you tried either of these as yet? 

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