Monday, July 07, 2014

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup - Top Tips, Before & After AND Bumper Giveaway

For as long as I've been skirting off to last minute events, I've been loving Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs in the tin. As I mentioned in my review last March I use the spray everywhere, I've just never found an instant pick me up like it elsewhere on the market. It was only when at a manicure & tan session in Bespoke Beauty last month that I was reintroduced to the Airbrush Legs Makeup but also given some new uses for it that are well worth a share.

Available in 4 colours : €16.89 Here
My treatment of choice on the day was a manicure and upper body tan. While I knew that it's not called 'Airbrush' for nothing, I certainly underestimated the effect when applied professionally. As I said, I normally throw some product on before lashing out the door but with a little bit more time and some concentrated buffing with a tan mitt - WOWsers. 

Like many unfortunates, I suffer with dreaded KP (Keratosis Pilaris) so can be self conscious about my arms without a little coverage. Not only does Airbrush Legs provide coverage but it evens skin tone and gives a buffed bronze effect with minimal fragrance at all. Once set (in moments) it's not going anywhere - ideal for festival goers in rainy old Ireland and will only come off with gentle scrubbing with a warm soapy flannel. 

So what were Elaine's Top Tips for achieving this 'Pasty to Tasty' look at home? 

  1. Do not use moisturiser before you apply your product - clean, recently exfoliated skin works best. 
  2. Use a tan mitt and buff, buff, BUFF! If in doubt, buff some more. 
  3. Use different shades of Airbrush Legs Makeup to contour the body - light on the tops of arms and fronts of legs with medium as a counter colour will give a contoured finish (GOODBYE Bingo Wings!)
  4. Allow the makeup to set before getting dressed. 
  5. Use the leftover product on the mitt to pat onto hands and fingers for a natural finish.
I finished my treatment with the gorgeous Sally Hansen Tahitian Sunset - Perfect for Summer
Thanks very many to Bespoke Beauty and to Sally Hansen for the reintroduction. Airbrush Legs is once more part of my summer arsenal as the weather heats up. My boddeh has never looked better. 

Of course I couldn't be entirely selfish about this rediscovery,so after chats with the brand I have 3 summer Sally Hansen packs stuffed to the gills with all you need to put these tips to the test and care for your talons too. Head on over to Facebook Here and simply leave a comment for your chance to win. Simples!

Are you an Airbrush Legs fan? 

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