Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Thursday Chattery - Would You Pay £175 For an IV Hangover Cure?

It would seem we have a new celebrity led craze sweeping the UK, if tabloids are to be believed (and they rarely are). That craze is the IV Doctor, I'm pretty sure the term 'doctor' is a loose one here but cynicism aside, the IV Doctor's specialty is curing hangovers 
through £175 IVs... 

My question is this, would you pay €220 to be hooked up to a bag of water if it meant your hangover was gone in 30 minutes? That question would probably get a different reaction if you were actually hungover, wouldn't it? 

Personally a Big Mac, a can of ice cold coke and a Twister ice pop fixes me right up for less than a tenner so I'm not going to be applying for a membership - to call - to be swindled any time soon - how about you? 

And while we're chatting, what IS your go to hangover cure? For science...

Let's Chat!

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