Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's Moments - 21/07/14 - Now With Gifs!

Tell me this and tell me no more: why haven't I been using gifs for my Monday's Moments all along? Perhaps there's no polite answer to that question so tell me this instead: reckon they should stay? 

For the first time, here's what I'm grateful for this week and what's chasing my Monday Blues away with ease - through the medium of gif!

1. Beauty Blogger of the Week? SHEmazing!

 photo 55967-thank-you-gif-kJG3_zps59eb3e9a.gif

The lovely lasses over at women's Irish entertainment site, SHEmazing did me the very fine honour of awarding me their Beauty Blogger of the Week title last week. 

It's always genuinely appreciated to be chosen for something like that so thank you very kindly mi amigas. Check out my interview with the lovely lasses here.

2. Gainful Employment For Two, Please!

 photo tDPlqIX_zpsd194ffc7.gif

I've bemoaned the lack of work for the Gorgebags for quite some time now. Remembering that by the time I (and my brothers & sister) were 13 we were already working hard and making bank. 

Well this week saw both lads hired for summer work and they or I couldn't be happier. A few sheckles never hurt anyone and the work experience will do 'em good too. Hellooo, early retirement!

3. Date Night With Mah Men

 photo tumblr_m4mok0EnfG1r8ybi3o1_500_zpsf891ef02.gif
Adam chose this gif - said he sent it to his girlfriend every night for their first 6 months together to drive her mad... WEIRD-O!
To celebrate aforementioned jobs, the lads and I decided a little treat night was in order. We haven't been to the movies together in months and missed Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' press show as we were away so it was a no brainer. 

So off we jolly well popped for a movie and eats, just the three of us and it was fantastic. It's easy to forget to just spend time together when we're all haring about. They're all that really matters at the end of the day . Gits. 

4. Remembering My Secret Stash!

 photo sfZnICX_zpsefa73b8c.gif

There are few Moments in life as glorious as remembering a long forgotten stash - no matter what that stash is. 

For me, this weekend, it was a Curly Wurly, in the freezer, for three weeks. I was casually binging on Netflix and gumming for something sweet when the memory hit me. Full sure it would have been spotted and scarfed by the lads I hotfooted it to the freezer. I don't think I even chewed the first few bites. HEAVEN. 

5. Dublin City Guide is Live. FINALLY!

 photo sobeautiful_zps00cca62d.gif

For over six months now I've been writing my guts out on top of work and family and this here blog. I've been creating content for the Groupon Dublin City Guide or #GrouponGuide as you might have seen it on Twitter. 

On Friday we launched and I couldn't be prouder (is that an awful thing to say?). My first feature is all about nails - naturally and I'd love to hear what you think. Have a squizz here.

I'm working as part of an incredible team and finally our blood, sweat & tears have been unveiled. You'll find at least one (sometimes 2 or 3) posts from me over there as the Style & Beauty Blogger. Do drop by and check out everything Dublin by some cracking Dubliners, won't you? Go Team!

And that's them, the Moments in my week that make me grateful, that brighten my day and that mean Monday Blues don't stand a chance in my world. 

Tell me, what's great in your life right now? Big or small, share the happy haps!

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