Friday, July 11, 2014

WIN - Your Choice of Healthy Takeaway with & CherrySue!

Looking forward to the weekend but not to slaving over a stove this evening? Already planning your weekly takeaway treat but trying to decide how not to lose the run of yourself entirely? 

Well we've teamed up with to make ALL of those things a little easier for you this weekend. We've FOUR vouchers to be won and getting your mitts on them and your chops around some free eats couldn't be easier. 

King Prawn Ginger & Scallions with Boiled Rice

I've mentioned before that I've joined Slimming World, I'm just over a month in now and already a stone down. I'm loving getting back to basics and cooking from scratch, the huge increase in energy and the obliteration of my crippling IBS, in short - it kicks ass. 

I firmly believe the complete 180 in my health can be contributed to eating fresh, whole foods and eating more of them than I have in years. Just eating well. 

The key to the plan, for me is preparation and try as I might, some days I've been too manic to prepare - on those days, healthier takeaway choices from JustEat have been a saviour. 

In that vein, I thought maybe you lovely lot would like to see what's on offer from your local takeway should you be in a pinch too - not only that but we'd like four of you to try those healthier options free of charge this weekend. We're sound like that. 

Chicken & Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce with Boiled Rice

All you need to do is choose your healthy choice of dinner from your local menu and tweet it with the hashtag #justeatwell. 

Open to ROI only - as we're pretty sure there hasn't been a delivery bag invented yet that'd keep your noodles warm for a long haul flight. Soz. 

Get choosing, get tweeting, GET EATING!

Good Luck xx

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