Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Lancome Grandiose Mascara - Review

I've been at this beauty blogging malarkey for coming up on 3 years now and still not many launches excite me as much as a new high end mascara. Yes, for the most part, what brands are telling me isn't really true and if it is, it really isn't applicable in every day life but sell me slippers and call me Dorothy if I don't fall for it every time. Lancôme's Grandiôse and its swan necked applicator are case in point here but still, I'm sold. 

Shehla Shaikh, Head of Lancôme's Elite Team
shows us the perfect application technique at the product launch. 
The problem identified by Lancôme is that many women struggle to apply mascara evenly to both eyes, without reaching across the bridge of the nose and smudging product in the process. Their solution? The patented swan neck applicator. (That twisted doohickey above). 

In their studies of make up application, eye experts at the brand have broken the eye down into six zones to ensure expert application every time. There are nine steps for both eyes combined with a further four should you be feeling dedicated. I won't copy & paste or relay them verbatim but you can see them here

What I will say is that taking my time, concentrating on my lashes as outer, middle and inner and applying Grandiôse with care has given me the most amazing false lash effect that I've ever achieved from a mascara. Like ever. 

The Grandiôse tube itself is beautiful with the signature Lancôme rose outstretched from the black bell shaped end and suspended in clear resin. While I'm still hesitant to twist and pump the wand from the tube - it goes against all my mascara bacteria fighting inclinations - there is no doubting the finished result is a sight to behold. 

My lashes are separated, elongated and volumised without feeling heavy or overly made up. I'm not one to smudge my mascara on application normally but there are definite benefits to the swan necked wand. The bend reaches over the bridge of my nose easily and I just seem to get a better job done faster. That's a win, right? 

Whether it's the formulation, the wand, the technique or a combination of all three, Lancôme's Grandiôse is definitely worth your attention. You'll find it on counters exclusively in Brown Thomas until August 1st for €30 and nationwide thereafter. I'm definitely a fan. 

If the eye experts are watching though, could we have some research into why I can't keep my mouth closed when applying mascara? The struggle is real!

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