Monday, July 21, 2014

My First Slimming World Shop with Lidl Ireland

I guess one of the most daunting things about starting out on any new eating plan is the first big shop. It's usually the most expensive and the deal breaker when it comes to continuing on. We've teamed up with Lidl Ireland this week to show you my first full weeks Slimming World shop, that actually ended up being almost two weeks worth when we got to cooking. 

For less than €100 casa Cherry was stuffed to the brim with fresh, whole foods. All of which, fully traceable back to source. Enough to feed 3 hungry mouths for the guts of a fortnight. 

The foremost reason that I can get on board with the Slimming World plan is that it's basically common sense. There's no gimmickry or cardboard meal replacements just back to basics home cooking with haypes of fresh fruit, veg and meats. I can't tell you the difference the switch has made to all three of us. 

I've been cooking from scratch since I was a teen, had no choice really with two little mouths to feed. With life getting busier these days, I had been relying more and more on eating out and takeaways - it's a false economy though, that our health was paying the price for so now it's back to the beginning and I love it. 

I have no doubt that a huge contributor to the serious boost in energy we've felt is due to increased natural sugars in the copious amounts of fruit we've been enjoying. There was a time when I was inhaling sweet & savoury snacks on the couch indiscriminately and never feeling satiated. While I know that's a mental thing too, I've been loving the satisfied feeling I'm getting from snacking on sweet, fresh, colourful fruits. 

Lemons and limes have played a huge part in my water intake too. I slice them up and pop them into freezer bags in the freezer so I don't worry about wastage. There's serious refreshment to be had from a pint glass of water piled high with ice & frozen wedges. My skin is clearer, I've less headaches and I'm sure it's adding to my burgeoning energy levels. 

'So what did I do with ALL of this food' I hear you ask - here's just a taster - 

Cherries - The Slimming World Snack of CHAMPIONS
Slimming World Special Fried Rice
Warm Chicken Salad with Peppery Rocket & Radish 
Breakfast in Bed! Stir fried scrambled eggs, chock full of superfree veg with beans.
Fresh berries and chocolate/vanilla yoghurt for afters. 
As you can see there is nothing pitiful or pared back about our eats. I've never once felt deprived and haven't eaten this much in easily the past three years. The difference isn't so much quantity though as it is quality. Shopping in Lidl has made that hugely affordable too. 

The breakdown of our shop goes like this: 

You'll notice Azzurro Capsules on there, they're Lidl's new Nespresso compatible coffee pods for €1.99. I'm not too thrilled with the fact they're individually wrapped (why?!) but they taste delish. Two pods over a tall glass of ice with a splash of skimmed milk is what has been keeping my caffeine addiction in check. Chuck in a measure of Bailey's for an evening treat should you be so inclined and you can thank me later. 

Tell me, have you tried the Slimming World plan yet? Thoughts? 

Are you, like me, relying more and more on budget shopping 
to keep your bills down? 

Also, would you like to see more Slimming World posts? Ye only need holler!
*Vouchers were kindly provided
by Lidl Ireland for this post. 

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