Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Thursday Chattery - Drunk Ebaying - What Has Your Drunken Self Bought You?

Morning All, it would seem that peeps like to chat about The Chattery chats on the tweet machine as well as/instead of here so we'll keep on keepin' on, shall we? We shall. 

Chat du jour today is drunken Ebaying - do you do it? 

I try very, very hard not to yet more often than once in the past month alone I have groggily awoken to memories of holding one hand over one eye so I can count out my Verified by Visa combo on my fingers to make a purchase. 

That and the fact that Amazon One Click Purchase is the work of the Divil and needs to be stopped!

Now, to be fair, I'm not hugely complaining - drunken me always buys me awesome stuff, it's just that sober me can rarely afford the impromptu splurge. 

The most recent of which was these babies, while in Cardiff: 

Notice, if you will, all high end beauty then just a soupçon of piggery

So tell me - do you drunk ebay? What's the best/worst thing you've ever surprised yourself with? 

Let's Chat!

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