Friday, January 29, 2016

Point Break - Movie Review

Who's In It?

Luke BraceyEdgar Ramirez and Ray Winstone

What's It About?
Johnny Utah is an ex-motocross star turned FBI agent who infiltrates a group of extreme sports criminals committing stunts to avoid arrest.

Any Good?
The film opens on an overly-long dirtbike scene (I was late to my seat and it still dragged on a few minutes too long) and it was from there I realised this remake was 15 years too late.

The premise of the original was Johnny Utah joins a group of surfers in the early 90's - perfect time for a surfing movie because extreme sports were a thing then. It seems no-one told the writers of the remake that extreme sports all but died in the early 2000's, because the entire film feels like a "Hey Teens! Look at us be hip!" board meeting.

She looks like a heroin addict!

The criminals remind me of Homer Simpson when he decided he was a hippy, made up to look dirty all the time - even when getting out of water for some reason. Their mission is to "give back" for the waves they surf and other radical things, but it just comes off as ridiculous when they're partying on giant boats and buildings carved into mountains.

The film isn't necessarily awful, it's just so out of touch with the demographic at which it's aimed that it just comes off as awkward. The criminals are also idiots and their daring heists look like hair brained schemes when they sky the contents. The scenery could have wowed if not for the omnipresent grey filter, but there was some genuinely unnerving shots involving huge mountains that just about pull back some credit. It's ridiculous, but not a bad time killer movie.