Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snapchat Backhanders ~ Why They're Not OK!

I spoke last night about Snapchat backhanders but would love to hear your tuppence too. I far from begrudge anyone making a living through their digital influence, I'm known for exactly the opposite in fact, the thing is, if you’re accepting payment for product placement without ever saying as much, that’s a backhander. There are several reasons why that’s just not okay:

1. There’s a huge respect for knowing your digital worth and not settling for less, so own that. Contrary to popular belief, if your audience trust you, they’ll know that your opinion can’t be bought so whether you’re earning hundreds or thousands for a mere mention of a product or place OWN IT!

2. When money changes hands, whether you requested payment or the brand offered it, the product or service then becomes product placement. Product placement is advertising. Advertising should be clearly shown as such. Every. Single. Time.

3. Not all of your followers know how blogging/vlogging/digital influence works. Many are young men and women, sure that their online favourites suddenly fawning over a product or service, manufacturing hype, means it must be worth their money. That’s not always the case (granted it occasionally is). Not only does that lead to people wasting their money on mediocre product but pressuring their parents to do so too. That’s not cool. On any level.

4. You’re being illegal. The ASAI may not be showing their teeth right now but advertising without declaring is illegal and you will eventually be bitten.

5. You’re giving the entire community a bad name. I’m a firm advocate for unfollowing people when I don’t like their content and will always do so if I spot subliminal selling; especially if I’ve turned down an offer of remuneration but see it pop up, undeclared, on someone else’s feed. Not everyone can spot that though. The backlash from backhanders is only getting stronger. Digital influencers only ever came to the fore because consumers were tired of paid for opinions in print media. You’re literally undoing all of the Trojan work that has gone before you. Integrity doesn't cost a penny.

So tell us, what do you make of undeclared product placement? 

It happens on every platform but seems especially prolific on Snapchat of late. 

I should probably clarify that he fact that I'm a blogger writing this negates me using #notallbloggers in the vein of  #notallmen, right?

Do you agree with the points above? Maybe you think it’s not that big of a deal? 

It’s a conversation that needs to happen so let’s chat!

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