Friday, September 30, 2016

Swiss Army Man - Movie Review!

Who's In It?

Daniel Radcliffe and  Paul Dano

What's It About?

Stranded on an island, Hank Thompson uses a slowly reanimating body named Manny to find his way home.

Any Good?

Week 2 of Daniel Radcliffe fest brings us Swiss Army Man, a movie trying so hard to be a meme or cult film that it almost chokes on its own gimmick. 

The first 10 minutes of this film is quite the mountain if you're not into fart humour (I'm not). It's almost exclusively shots of Paul Dano watching Daniel Radcliffe fart - how novel. The thing is, once you make it through that the movie actually becomes quite pretty - for a glorified music video.

Once you get past the way overdone fart humour, the film reveals itself to be what amounts to be a father-son movie, just with the child being a dead body. I will say that this is actually an interesting twist, if it wasn't for the Deus Ex Machina scenes (I know these are the point, but the gimmick passes).

I will say that the acting was great - I've always liked Paul Dano and I thought he fit the Cast Away Tom Hanks role well. I also found this to be one of Daniel Radcliffe's better roles, his American accent was much improved over Imperium.

For all it's trying (and there's A LOT), I do believe this movie will become a cult film for some. There is some really great scenes around the middle of the movie, but these are presented in the way that generic indie bands like Imagine Dragons do their videos - which is what this film happens to be; a feature length music video.

There's not a lot to say for this, other than it's a bit like a cross between Weekend at Bernies and Cast Away; so if you liked thos films, and also like fart humour, I'd say go for it. Otherwise - don't bother.



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