Friday, July 27, 2012

Brave - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

What's it About? 

Set in the highlands of Scotland in mythical times, Brave is the story of feisty Princess Merida, daughter to the King but controlled by no one, she's a skilled archer (another one) fighting against stereotypes, ancient customs and ultimately facing the consequences of her actions when her defiance brings her face to face with one of the fiercest beasts of lore.

Any Good? 

Brave is the newest fairytale from Pixar and quite a moving one it is too. Based on Merida the flame haired princess of DunBroch and the myth, magic and legend that surrounds the clans of their Scottish Highlands. Since she can remember, her mother, Queen Elinor has been preparing Merida for life as a Queen, for the day she will be married and carry on the traditions and customs of her ancestors. It's a pity so that this headstrong and wilful princess has VERY different ideas about how her life is going to be, regardless of the consequences.

Shot in 3D, this movie is on the dark side but the sweeping scenery, the action sequences and the attention to detail makes it all worthwhile. It's more sedate than a lot of Pixar offerings so at times the dimmed picture adds depth to the proceedings. The characters' mannerisms, quirks and presence really are a joy to behold, as is the unsung star of the show, Merida's unruly, flowing, flame coloured curls. Not since Sulley graced our screens in Monsters Inc with ridiculously strokable fur have we seen glorious, mesmerising grúaig like this. 

Merida means bidness!

Though a little safer, story wise, than Pixar fans are used to, Brave is liberally peppered throughout with chuckles. It lacks the laugh out loud moments of some of its predecessors but more than makes up for it with heart. The relationships between characters are beautifully crafted and there's not many of us that won't identify with at least one.

Mammy & Merida at loggerheads (again)

It's a story of compromise, of family values and of fighting tooth and nail for what is really important in life. I find it truly refreshing that Pixar have given us a princess with a lesson worth learning for the young girls (& boys) of today. There's no happy ever after malarkey here, just a heartfelt look at a young girl trying to repair the damage done by her disastrous decisions. A big fat life lesson wrapped in 100 minutes of humour, myth and magic.

Some scenes may be a little dark for the under 5's but I'd happily recommend you check out Brave when it's released on August 3rd.


PS The Pixar short before the
movie, La Luna is probably the 
loveliest you'll ever see. 


Unknown said...

I could see my little girls loving this movie

Tinks_1983 said...

I'm looking forward to taking my niece to see it. I adore the shorts before pixar and its nice to see that its not another Toy Story one (even though I love them too)

o and I know I'm nit picking but Sulley is the furry one, Mike's the giant eyeball

Sue Jordan said...

Tinks, you're spot on, temporary brain freeze there ;)

Sue Jordan said...

They really would! You'd get a good few chuckles too, we laughed throughout :)

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