Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Korres - Black Pine Antiwrinkle Firming Day Cream & Firming Night Cream

Those of us that have been lucky enough to sun ourselves in Greek climes or those of us smitten with the Cult lip products will know Korres of old. A natural and organic Greek brand that boasts over 400 products.

The Black Pine additions to the Korres skincare arsenal, once again have their roots firmly in the natural camp, following it's predecessor, the Quecertin & Oak Age Defying products (some of which had a clinically proven 97% success rate). Billed by Korres themselves as another ‘milestone in the Greek company’s continuous effort to address skin care needs naturally’ and aimed at the 50+ age range, Black Pine Antiwrinkle Firming Day Cream comes in two variations, dry to very dry and normal to combination. Black Pine Firming Night Cream and a light Eye Cream round out the new additions.

Unctuous natural goodness 

While, as I said, these new additions are aimed at the more mature skin type, once I had lifted each lid to inhale the creamy, fruity fresh scent I couldn't bring myself to hand them over to the Elder Cherry. I can't quite tell you exactly what they smell like, only to tell you they smell like holidays and for the past fortnight that I've been trialling these natural beauties, I smell like holidays too. Gawd I miss Greece...

Truth be told I'm doing ok on the wrinkle front, yes I'm only 34 but I can see some laughter lines (I do a lot of lol'ing) and one or two crows feet dipping their toes at the sides of my súiles, I like to think that's why I keep some extra padding on my kisser (in reality it's because Oh Man I Love de Cake) so anti aging products are now firmly on my radar and they don't come lusher than these.

So did I see a difference using Black Pine? I truthfully did and continue to do so. My skin feels plumped (moreso) and brightened. There's a suppleness and continuous moisture that I just didn't feel before. My make up is gliding on easier in the morning following my visage having a drink of the Antiwrinkle Firming Day Cream and even on make up free days, I'm looking fairly ok. That's an improvement, believe me.

No nasties! 
With 92.8% natural ingredients, Black Pine creams also feature five patented ingredients the main one of which is a natural peptide with exceptional firming properties, Hexapeptide 11. It's genuinely refreshing to have products available that are this effective and are a pleasure to use that don't have to rely on the list as long as your arm of names that would twist your tongue.

Priced at €43 for the day creams and €47 for the night cream, Black Pine is available now from Harvey Nichols. Rumour has it (on the post comments) though that they are Hella cheaper in Greece itself, Athens Airport to be precise. If you are lucky enough to be soaking up some Greek sunshine this year do keep an eye out and DO bring some sunshine back!

What say we? Tempted by Korres Black Pine? Feeling the urge to make a Mammy or yourself very happy?


Unknown said...

Fact 1 .. I love Greece the people are so friendly and it's just a wonderful place to visit with quite possibly the most amazing tomatoes in the world (I know that's a random thing to take from a place but still.)
Fact 2 I have moly tried the korres lip balm which smells fantastic and I am in love with
Fact. 3 - why did I start with this fact business

Unknown said...

Great post Sue - I love this range, and your photos are so pretty!