Sunday, July 01, 2012

Cherry Pick of the Week - Train - Drive By

Cherry Pick of the Week is Train's new track Drive By. It's about as catchy as they come. Since the days of Drops of Jupiter every once in a while they come out with an ear worm such as this.

Last year was Hey, Soul Sister that Daddy Cherry must have played eleventy billion times, so much so that's he's been banned from playing it at home any more. I've sent a link to this to him through Facebook and I'm expecting Elder Cherry (D'Mammy) to knock on the door any minute with my slap!

Are you loving this? Any other songs stuck in your noggin?


Ria said...

I'm loving Train too much at the moment. Them and the Stereophonics. I've made a youtube playlist with them and I'm driving my family and lab mates crazy. Muaahahaha :D
Happy month miss CherrySue!

Chloe said...

I only made the connection between Hey,Soul Sister & Drive By now. Never realised they were by the same artist,but I love this!