Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's Moments - 23/07

Eh up, chucks, Monday again and we're almost through July. Time seems to be hurtling along at a rate of knots. Last week was a fairly busy one with catching up with work, 3 movie screenings and an event. I managed to grab a snakey cocktail too with the lovely Karen from in Fallon & Byrne, great laughs and great service rounded off my week perfectly. Of course there was plenty of fodder for Monday's Moments during the week though. Wanna see what made the top five? 

1. Pile Free!

As I mentioned in the 9-5 post a couple of weeks back, part of my job is managing the county's traffic lights. There's a prehistoric system in place for this that I'm in the process of changing but, for now, forests cry for the sheer volumes of paper being used.

We don't have the luxury of students this year so my dreams have been haunted with piles of paperwork needing to be scanned and filed. After my two weeks off though I decided to go in last Monday, put my phone on silent and plough through them. It took until Tuesday afternoon but they're done. Such a good feeling to arrive to a clear desk, it may not last long but for now, ahhhhhhh.

2. Young Love

Heading into the cinema on Tuesday, I was rushing along (as usual) when I caught sight of one of the most heart-warming sights I've seen in the longest time. An older couple probably in their early seventies, shuffling along, holding hands.

As I passed them I could hear her laughing at something he'd said, possibly jeering my oversized hood but it was lovely to see a couple still so deeply in love that they're hand in hand. Made my evening.

3. Batty!

You'll have seen that I managed to wangle a pass for The Dark Knight Rises premiere last week. That, in itself deserves a Monday's Moment top slot but it was a fellow cinema goer that has to take that biscuit. 

While waiting for the film to start I happened to notice Batman arrive, he arrived alone, in full costume and sat in the top corner of the cinema, alone, in full rigout, for the duration. Whatever issues I had with some of Bane's dialogue can't have been a patch on what he heard through a full bat mask. Here's hoping he was using sonar. Loon. 

4. Like Momma, Like Son

One of my proudest moments so far on the blog happened on Friday. The eldest Gorgebag wrote his first film review for our Two Takes on Ted movie review. Even better than the fact that I only had to copy and paste his work was the fantastic reaction he got from everyone once it was published.

I might just have to get him to do reviews for appropriate films in future. Yep, I'm aware that makes me Mr Miyagi, if it weren't for my trusty Tweezerman Tweezers the similarity wouldn't end there. I'll have to get us some blogger headbands... Wax on, wax off...

5. The Phaaaaantom of the Opera is Hurr..

I had a phone call on Thursday that was completely unexpected but made my day. Apparently the Sis had entered me into a competition for Phantom tickets for helping her out with a random act of kindness. First up, Phantom is one of my favourite West End shows and I was gutted that the tickets were so expensive to see it in Dublin, I just couldn't justify the cost.

Secondly, I certainly don't do anything for the Sis with the thought that it's in return for something. Long story short, she's leaving hubby at home tonight and we're off out for a bite to eat and to catch one of the best musicals in history. When weeks start this good, I know it'll be a tough job just picking 5 top moments next Monday.

So, what have you been up to this week then? Anything made your day or even your week? I love to hear all about it!


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I'm telling you, ropin in the lads on the blog is a grand way of getting some free (funny) labour! Loved his revoo :)

That cocktail was gowje the other night even if I can't ever remember the name.... We must revisit vah soon so I can file name in noggin ;)

Enjoy the Phaaaaantom of le Opera!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like the perfect week!

Unknown said...

That wee couple has made me feel all warm and squidgy inside xo