Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Simple July 4th Manicures (Independence Day Manis)

We're one day away from Independence Day for our Stateside Sisters so I thought I'd give you a little taster of a couple to easy to recreate July 4th ideas for your talons. Beside the fact they're patriotic, they're also kinda gorgeous.

Let's get started shall we?

First up is a simple variation on the Paddy's Day Patriotic Splatter nails. Simply paint your nail white (OPIs Alpine Snow), tape up the edges and using the insert of a biro or a Capri Sun straw, dip into your colour of choice and blow. Great fun altogether.

I can take no credit for creating this one but if you are in the mood to show a little July 4th flair, Angelica Boogie Nights has you covered. For just €2.75 this glitter touches all bases for a simple but effective look. You could use it as an accent nail, go the whole hog and paint 'em all or even just the tips like the Bronze Goddess tutorial. The world is your lobster when it comes to this beauty.

Next up, release and embrace your inner magpie. If you're not brave enough to sport this glittering wonders on your pingies then your piggies are always an option. Stunning in the sunlight and guaranteed to get you noticed. It's go big or go home when it comes to glitter with me.

Finally, the ones that I'm just a little bit proud of and the ones that meant all others had to be done on falsies as I haven't the heart to take 'em off (s'ok, I'm on holliers). These truly were simple to do, please don't think that to mean simple for me, I mean simple for anyone.

It's all freehand, a base coat of Barry Ms Red Glitter followed by a white striper pen, do be sure to use one, wipe off the excess from the long, thin brush and lay it flat on the nail bed, allow it to do the work for you. Freehand Barry M Denim tips and one or two rhinestones for the day that's in it.

If you've completed a July 4th mani I'd love to see it linked below, I'm nosey like that and besotted with polish. It's an illness.

According to Google there's a fair whack of American lovelies following the blog so Hai Everyone! *waves* Have a wonderful July 4th and mind those fireworks! (I truly am turning into my Mother). If you get a chance to show me your nails, I'd love to see 'em!


Unknown said...

i love them all brilliant i hope to try this :) :)

Unknown said...

Super gawjus, you talented lady you!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

THEY'RE BRILLIANTTTTTTTTTT!!! Well done missus, I'm totally going to give them a shot myself :)

Unknown said...

They are brilliant - my manky chipped nails feel ashamed

Sara said...

pretty <3 gona try 4th of july inspired nails now :P

caroline said...

i'm trying to recreate as we speak <3 them x

010 said...

happy 4th of july

Anonymous said...

They are brilliant, love them all.

S said...

Ahh they're all deadly! I still have to try the splatter, I keep forgetting to save the little lad's Ribena straws. Gorgeous x

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