Thursday, July 26, 2012

Music Box: The New Fragrance from Kylie Minogue

To celebrate 25 years in the music business (a quarter century, yo) Kylie introduces her newest fragrance, Music Box. The diminutive pop minstrel in presenting this brand new scent says thus: "Ever since I was a little child, I’ve loved the magical quality of an old fashioned music box. My new fragrance, Music Box, is a sensual scent that’s designed to evoke the same sense of surprise and delight. I hope that everyone finds it as captivating as I do"

One play of this album & I was back in Barcelona on the Aphrodite Tour

Opening the press pack for Music Box last week I was thrilled that it also included a Best Of album from Ms Minogue so my squee factor was pretty high (I'm a huge fan) but unfortunately opening the fragrance itself didn't prove so squee inducing. Lemme show you why: 

Kylie Minogue: Music Box - €19.95 w/ free 200ml Body Lotion
I'm all about the packaging, I've a serious grá for luxurious bottles and compacts, pretty is my thing. First off I will say that I LOVE the idea behind the design of the bottle, it's an actual music box, supposed to lie on it's side on your dresser, delightful. My difficulty was with the lid and spray itself, it's gold plastic and really not good quality plastic at that. It's such a terrible shame and just cheapens the product for me. Again, packaging is a personal preference, this might not bother you at all.

You want to know how it smells, right? This is where things turn around, Music box is both floral and fruity with a woody, creamy finish. There's red berries, raspberry and strawberries with bergamot, rose and (my favourite flower) freesia. All of which is infused with white musk, sandalwood and rare amber. 

I. Love. It!

It's fun and fruity and right up my alley, lasts for a good 4 hours on the skin before the need to respritz so from a scent point of view, it's a win. I genuinely am dissapointed with the lid on the bottle as I feel it lets this product down but for €19.99 with a free 200ml Body Lotion, Music Box is one book I'm recommending you don't judge by its cover. On counters now. 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ah Kylie, she's a grand bridie isn't she? :) I can attest that this does smell lovely and fruity as I made Sue bring the bottle out with her last week and as we walked along the street, I had a proper aul sniff of it :D

Unknown said...

Not a Kylie fan at all but the bottle is adorable! The lid really looks cheap like the perfume you get in Penny's. I still really want to try it though

Anonymous said...

The lid is tough to get back on but the smell is very much worth it I think, glad it's in my current collection!

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