Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunshine Bottled from Roger & Gallet: Sublime Or Collection

You are gold (Gold), always believe in your soul... You're singing it, aren't you? Well welcome to my world for the past week since these precious golden bottles arrived on my desk. New for Summer 2012 from French favourite, Roger & Gallet is Sublime Or, it smells of warmed citrus trees in the Spanish air and leaves a golden luminous shimmer on your skin. What's not to love? Let's learn more about how to get your golden glow on...

Eau Sublime Or- Fresh Fragrant Water 100ml - €39.95

Eau Sublime Or Fresh Fragrant Water can be used at any time of the day on clean bare skin. With coconut flower, orange blossom, wood, vanilla and musk, one spritz of this and I was whisked to sunnier climes, I instantly got that feeling of coming in from a long day lazing by the pool and getting showered to head out for the evening. I do love when a fragrance can transport you like that.

This Fragrant Water is infused with a golden miscro shimmer that no photograph will do justice, you can barely detect the subtle gold flecks on my skin above, just imagine this on tanned skin. (False or otherwise)(The tan, not the skin)

Creme Sublime Or - 200ml - €17.50
Looking like any other luxurious body cream, it's not until you begin to massage Creme Sublime Or into your skin do you release the richly bergamot citrussy scent and see the beautiful sheen it leaves behind. Made with 6 natural oils such as macadamia, sesame, argan and almond, Creme Sublime Or sinks into your skin almost instantly. The golden sheen left behind is non greasy, which allows you to get dressed immediately.

I used this on my forearms yesterday in the office and was asked twice what I was using, the first time because the Engineer next to me said I smelled 'like holidays' the next by a stranger at a meeting that asked what I used for the glow. Cue strange lady stroking my forearms in the meeting room. It happens.

Truth be told, I can't bring myself to waste these. They've been put up with my suitcases because I want to keep them for a sunshine holiday. (I'm determined I'm getting one) I can envision spritzing my bronzed skin with the shimmering water before heading out for the evening, even the thought of it is enough to bring a little sunshine into my life.

Are you a Roger & Gallet fan? Do shimmer products make your wish list this Summer?


Unknown said...

That sheen looks so pretty on your skin Sue!

Unknown said...

That sheen looks so pretty on your skin Sue!