Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Barry M Nail Paint Chameleon Collection

New from Barry M we have Chameleon Effects nail polish, proffered by Mr M with the words:

''Magical Chameleon instant nail effects means you have two colours in one! Instructions: 1) Apply a base coat and then apply one coat of your chameleon nail paint and allow to dry. 2) Apply second coat and allow to dry. 3) Create a design with your clear nail paint and watch it change colour.''

I read that and was instantly reminded of the t shirts in the 80's that changed with the heat of your body (I had an orange/yellow one btw). Being a lover of all things 80's and an addict to all things polish I had to give these a go. Wanna see how they look on the nail?

Barry M Chameleon Blue 
Chameleon Blue is a chrome effect silver based blue, once covered with a top coat though it transforms into a beautiful maroon metallic. The polish itself is a one coater, no question, thick and opaque in an instant it's easy to work with. 

Barry M Chameleon Lilac
Chameleon Lilac is just that a chrome lilac silver that once a top coat is applied turns a deeper metallic purple shade. Again, this is a one coat wonder as with Barry M Foil Paints. 

Barry M Chameleon Pink

Chameleon Pink is a chrome dusky pink and probably my favourite base colour of the three. One coat is all that's needed and once covered it transforms to a deep metallic purple. This, unfortunately, isn't as good at the old switcheroo as the other two. The picture above is following 3 attempts to get it right. 

There is room to get a little creative with these polishes too, simply paint on designs or dots using a clear top coat and watch your creation develop, just like a magic marker!

Barry M recommend using a base coat with these polishes and that's more because of the foil formulation than anything else. It shows up every, lump, bump and ridge if you don't. They're a fun and quirky idea and are a pleasure to work with. I'd love to see the pink colour in a normal polish though as it has no hope of lasting more than a day without a top coat.

Priced at €5.99 they're available in Boots and Superdrug now.

What do you think of Chameleon polishes? Unnecessary or Über cool?


Lovely Girlie Bits said...


Katie Elisabeth said...

I'm amazed at the things they come out with to do with nails/polishes! Reminds me of Crayola markers I used as a kid which would change colours with the magic marker lol! :)

Roses and Rockets said...

They look gorgeous, they are definitely necessary!

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I must have them. I saw them on Pinterest, and I was waiting for you to blog 'bout them...

S said...

I'm dithering. I wanted them and then I didn't, and now I'm not sure again. I'm not mental about any of the base colours and I'd say the novelty would wear off for me fairly soon! They're e5.42 on too :) I thought of the Hypercolor t-shirts too!

Tinks_1983 said...

I bought the blue one, I'm still unsure if I like it or not.

Orna said...

Your nails are fab!

I tried doing a nail post but failed miserably, don't think my paws are fit for general viewing!