Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Barry M Nail Paint: Aqua Glitter

Being an avid fan of Barry M’s Red Glitter and of anything Aqua (It's my birthstone dont'cha know?) I was thrilled to spy this polish when in Boots last week.

It’s a ‘Have your eye out’ shiny teal glitter that, while not as densely packed as it’s red counterpart, is still well worth a look for €4.99.

Barry M Aqua Glitter - Top Right: Two coats, Bottom Left: One coat over Essence Let's Get Lost with Matte Top Coat
The polish consists of small and mid sized aqua glitters in a teal jelly suspension. It can be worn alone, using two coats for a sparkly, subtle look but with sparse glitters like this I prefer to use them as top coats.

Two Coats 

Mattified for the Office

Over an aqua blue polish (Essence Let's Get Lost) the aqua glitter becomes more pronounced, I’ve used a matte top coat for a different take and to make it a little more work appropriate.

Gradient for Partying!
Used as a gradient over a tip of Miss Sporty Teal, Aqua Glitter comes to life and is an ideal mani for a night out on the tiles.

What say we? Aqua Glitter giving you the want? I'd love to know which of the three looks you prefer too...


liloo said...

we say it looks amazing! wow. well done barry
liloo/@tsunimee xx

ss said...

Wow, this is so cute. I am crazy about this color. I like how it has broken like texture. Gonna get it:)