Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday's Moments - 16/07

Morning, all! Well? How was your weekend? Mine was hectic, Birthdays, movies, gigs and many, many shandys. But from today I'm back to work after a two week break, I, for one, need some serious cheering up. How about some Monday's Moments, eh?

1. Hilarity Hoop


Heading into town on Tuesday I happened to spot a Mammy (presumably) and her little daughter (about 5 yo) while I was stuck in traffic. They were walking along and Mammy was carrying a purple sparkly hula hoop but stopped. 

I couldn't hear their conversation but Mammy put the hoop around her own neck and gave it a spin, shimmying and jutting her head like a rooster to make it move, as funny as I thought it was, the little girl was almost choking with laughter. I rolled down the window to hear her, trying not to look like a stalker but Mammy suddenly remembered she was in a busy street and went puce. They started walking again but the little girl was still chuckling. Coolest. Mam. Ever. 

2. Book 'Em, Daneo!

I mentioned last week that the Sis and I had our brows done in the Benefit Bar in Arnotts as part of our Ladies Wot Lunch day out. We had the full works (tint, shape, wax & tweeze) and, as always, the girls did a fantastic job. A couple of times the Sis asked if hers were ok, they're gorgeous by the way. 

On Tuesday, obviously still not used to her new look, she sent this to my mobile. Apparently on a scale of Theo to Daniel, her brows are a Daneo. I almost choked on my cheerios. Number 1: they totally aren't. Number 2: how come I never noticed how much Guess Who players look like evil villains plotting someone's demise?! 

3. Even Masters Must Concentrate Super Hard Sometimes!

I had the absolute pleasure to be invited to the new Clarins launch last week (more of that to come) and meet, once again, the delectable Claude Defresne, their International Make Up Artist. We were treated to not only a preview of upcoming products but also a make up master class, this look he demonstrated was the 5 minute smokey eye. 

This has to be my favourite pic of the bajillion I took, it shows that even a master sometimes needs the extra concentration power that only sticking your tongue out can provide. Je suis désolé, Claude, I couldn't help it :P

4. Young Love

It was the youngest Gorgebag's 15th birthday on Saturday and, despite his protests, I organised a family meal to celebrate. I asked if he would bring his girlfriend along as I had still to meet her properly. Reluctantly, he agreed. 

What followed was an hour of watching them struggle to eat wings single handedly, then rummage through a shared bowl of chips as neither were hungry and couldn't for the life of themselves let go of each other's hand under the table. She's an absolute sweetheart and I should invite her around here more often, I'd save thousands in food bills. 

5. STANDing Ovation

I've mentioned STAND before, the four lads from Tallaght that I've been following for almost 16 years now. It was a fitting Mammy celebration for the youngest's birthday on Saturday night then, that I got to catch their gig in Whelan's. 

I would strongly urge you, if you haven't already, to check these dudes out on their site or, if you're a lover of live music, GET to see them do their thing live. They write, produce and perform all of their own music and it staggers me still that they're not taking over airwaves nationwide. They played a stormer on Saturday and once they get back from their Stateside tour I'd imagine they'll do exactly the same again. You should be there to see it.

So tell me, what has floated your boat this week? Anything wild or wonderful? 


Unknown said...

Hope you enjoyed your hols Sue! I got a call from my younger bro yesterday... with the news that his second child isn't just one childer... its twins.
Overjoyed is a tame word for how I feel for them.

S said...

Great news this week, had a little chuckle at the brows, leave it to sisters to make you see childhood things in a new light :) Ooh good news this week... we have a doggy again after years of being dog-free; Sister is coming to stay next week, and I'm now 7 weeks smoke-free. Positivity, man. Need to hang on to it! x