Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday's Moments - 30/07/12

Gooood morning one and all! Yep, it's Monday again but, on the bright side, this time next week we'll all be on a Bank Holiday - that rocks, right? Before we get there though, I have 5 moments from the past week that have added to my overall good mood, wanna see? 

1. Why Thank You, Mystery Benefactor 

You'll have to excuse the scaldy pic quality but my phone was the only camera I had to hand when this nice little moment happened last Tuesday. Myself and Aar were in the local hardware shop and had decided on some drinks when I spotted it. 

Normally €1 for a can is pretty steep but both of us getting one free and clear? Makes it that much more refreshing. We even did a Cheers for the forgetful stranger. 

2. It's a New Madra!

Any pet owners in this weather will know that they're a handful when they're moulting. For the past 3 weeks we've been avoiding humongous black hair tumbleweeds up and down the hallway, despite brushing Diesel daily. 

Having reviewed brushes online, I decided that The Furminator  was needed in Casa Cherry. As usual, I shopped around for the best price, $63 was a bit steep, €52 in Pet Store Superstore wasn't far behind so eventually I tried our local vets. €20!! That's a saving of €32 for a 5 minute drive. Result! Not only that but look at that coat, he's a sleek & shiny dude now and we're no longer gathering enough hair to be-wig 20 men a day. Score. 

3. Posh Coffee for Everyone!

I was absolutely thrilled on Wednesday to get a congratulatory phone call from Clery's in Dublin to say I'd won a Nespresso machine. I've always wanted one of these bad boys but with prices starting at close to €200, I'd never managed to justify the splurge. 

I'm very pleased to say that everything they say about these machines is spot on, the coffee is spectacular and the machine itself is genius. Because I've a delicioso espresso before I hare out the door in the mornings now, I'm raring to go. Best limit my intake though, they're addictive! Posh coffee (Poffee), anyone?

4. What the?!? Aaaah, Thankies..

Nothing makes me clip ears quicker than finding one of these green dockets on my return from work for lunch, knowing full well that the lads have been home for the morning but didn't bother to rouse from their respective pits for the postie. 

I both love and loathe post office slips in equal measure at the best of times but was raging to find that two parcels were gone back to the depot when I have to pass the shaggin' depot to come home. That's when I noticed in between the other post was a note. My über thoughtful neighbour had only flagged down the postie to relieve him of the parcels as he left. She is the pyjamas of a cat and the knees of a bee. 

5. Subliminal Musical Taste

I spend a good majority of parenting time with the lads fending off Kato attacks, putting up with fart jokes and waking up to find that my screensaver has been changed to something disgusting (it was a hairy ass last time), that's why, when given the opportunity, I like to reciprocate the head meltage. A lot of the time that entails singing ridiculously catchy songs at them repeatedly until they find themselves singing them despite themselves. 

Last week Talking Heads was my choice, 'Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, Annoying you yet?' I asked the youngest, 'Nope, you're grand' says he. I never did catch him singing it but when I was out with the dog Psycho Killer came on the iPod! He had downloaded it to iTunes without saying a word. I WIN. AGAIN. (Ooh, the BeeGees, You Win Again, that's another great one). 

And that's me for another week, let me know, what's been going on in your corner of the world, won't you? Anything fantastic? 

Have a great Monday, folks. 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I must get one of those brush thingys for Bailey, his hair is everywherrrrrre! So jell about your Nespresso and expect you to be fully hyper every time we meet now ;P Great week :)

M x said...

My bestie got a Nespresso from her hubbie as a wedding present last year, I bought them the matching Nespresso cups and the coffee is much nicer from them!! Would recommend the investment in them!

boredmum said...

so when u get fed up playing with your new poffee machine send it my way, wud looooooovee one of them, although i have asked santa for a kindle this year, i'll have to ask him for a poffee machine for my birfday :)

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