Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Look: Qtica Intense Total Hydrating Therapy Lotion - My New Creme de Corps

Stop the presses. One of my Holy Grail products has been ousted! Creme de Corps, I'm looking at you, Qtica Intense Total Hydrating Therapy from Art of Beauty (the makers of Zoya) has all but replaced you in my life. For slightly over quarter of the price but with close to miraculous healing power for dry, chapped and parched skin, Qtica's introduction to my moisturising routine has meant that my repurchasing of Kiehl's has been put off for yet another month.

Aimed originally at professional beauty therapists and hairdressers that would need regular moisturising due to over exposure to products, Qtica has now gone mainstream (baby) and, if it's a soothing, luxurious, intensely moisturising lotion you're looking for, I think it's something you're going to want to try.

The lotion has a non-greasy formula that makes use of hyaluronic acid (HA), panthanol and collagen to work on the dermal layer of skin, intensely hydrating and locking in moisture for up to 8 hours. Vitamins A, B, and E naturally soothe, meaning that even the most irritated or angry skin will be gently cared for restored to its natural state.

I'm using Qtica every night before bed, the bonus of its non greasy nature is that pjs can be slipped on almost immediately without fear of staining or undoing all your good moisturising efforts. It has worked a treat on my upper arms, that can be occasionally problematic, so much so that I've actually opted for short sleeve t shirts in the past several weeks, something that I'd be hard pressed to do. Ever.

Billed as unscented but with a clean, fresh scent (to my schnozz anyway) it's been a real pleasure to use. For the ridiculously affordable price (considering its effectiveness) of €15.01 from Supernail Ireland , Qtica Intense Total Hydrating Therapy Lotion was sent by the gorgeous Nila for me to try several weeks ago but not only will I be repurchasing, I'll also picking up some of the brands other offerings in the hopes that they're just as good.

Have you heard of Qtica before? If so, WHY didn't you tell me?


Unknown said...

Where did I put my credit card?!?

Unknown said...

When I go through my pile of soap and glory (those value boxes at Christmas last all year) I'll have to check this out

Unknown said...

Haha I'm the same as above so much Soap and Glory to go through! This product does look good though.

Much love: If you fancy a nosey.