Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting Lippy with Crayon Colour Balms - Revlon Just Bitten Kissables & Clinique Chubby Sticks

You'll know from my Chunky Cherry review of Cliniques Chubby Stick back in June that I'm a huge fan, that's why when I saw a similar Revlon offering in Boots last week I had to pick one up. Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (How LONG is that name?!) is very similar in design, so much so that I thought I'd show you a little comparison. 

You might think from the above that Revlon has Clinique beat when it comes to the amount of product on offer but going by listed weights Clinique has 3g, whereas Revlon only 2.7g (If someone could explain to me why Revlon looks bigger on paper (literally) I'd love to hear it).

Both are packaged in sturdy plastic crayon type pens with twistable uppable (it's a technical term) product, doing away with the need for sharpeners, thankfully.

When it comes to consistency, Chubby Sticks are softer to apply than Just Bitten(s). The Revlon version seeming a little more waxy to touch and drags slightly when applied.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon - €19
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush - €11.00
As you can see from swatches Revlon is drier on the lips than Clinique, I used two non shimmer colours for the want of a close comparison. Crush is a deeper pigment than Mega Melon but the longevity of the Stains over the Chubby Sticks has to be mentioned. You're looking at least 4 hours with Revlon, as opposed to 2-3 with Clinique.

Price, of course will always be a concern if you're trying to decide between the two brands and €7 is a big difference when you're on a budget, add into that equation, the lasting power on the lips and that might just sway you in one direction. Revlon.

The final consideration between these two products is colour availability, Boots, at the moment, have seven Revlon offerings compared to sixteen from Clinique. There's bound to be a colour in either, if not both collections to suit your lip balm loving needs.

Having used both for a little while now, I have to say Clinique gets my preference for sheer comfort of use. That's not to say Revlon isn't brought into action time and again, just not as much in my day to day wear. You really can't go wrong with either of these Lippy Lovelies.

What do we think? Have you tried one or both of these products? Have you a leaning either way?


Unknown said...

I love mega melon. It is just such a beautiful colour

Anonymous said...

I admire Revlon for trying, but Chubby Sticks are a hard act to follow. Its like the difference between Pick A Brand lipgloss and Lancome's Juicy Tubes.


Makeup Over Mind said...

Picked up a Revlon one on Sunday and I'm in love! I want it in at least 5 more colours! :)

Makeup Over Mind said...

Also 'twistable uppable' is indeed a technical term - used only by the greats of course...:)

Emilyx0- Irish Beauty Blog said...

I'm loving the Revlon ones, picked up a couple the other day- I'm addicted!

Emily x


Unknown said...

I think I prefer revlon - maybe I haven't got past the waxy bit on Clinique

Unknown said...

what is the revlon version of clinique mega melon?? is it the honey?? please i need to know..