Monday, March 25, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Celestial, Galaxy & Apocaliptic - Guest Post

This afternoon, lovelies I've more than a little treat for you, Lorraine Haigney aka Fancy Face, aka All the Rs (because of her twitter handle @Lorrrrrrrrraine) has done me the very huge favour of putting together a little su'him, su'him about Rimmel's brand new Apocalips. Lorraine is, without a doubt, one of the funniest peeps and most gifted writers I know so once you've had a read head over to her blog and give it a follow. Her pictures alone are stunners. Take it away, Fancy Face!

It's rare that a making a decision using awful logic turns out well. Leaving men with curly eyelashes aside (for once, wha?), nothing gets me to throw caution to the wind and dive right in like make-up with cute branding. I've purchased a nail polish the exact same shade that
I had at home because the new one's title reference Forrest Gump. Play on words, pull on my heartstrings. So, when Rimmel Apocalips hit the stands, they had to me mine.

And you know what? My poorly-researched purchases have turned out to be star buys. I bought two and later nabbed three more at their launch and love each one as much as the last. Each one is nearly opaque and mega creamy. You'll get along with the range best if you use 'em sparingly - piling loads on like a gloss is a sure-fire way to look like the joker before you've even left your make-up table.

The first one that caught my eye was Luna - because, hello? Harry Potter. It imparts a soft wash of peach, like you've just been eating an icepop. I'm wearing it in the shot below, for reference.

(The Fanciest of Faces!)

Next up was Nude Eclipse. Being a pale with a cool undertone makes finding nude lipsticks that suit me difficult but this is a winner. Because it's less-than opaque, you avoid going into that terrible chalky-lipped territory and end up with a polished, subtle pout.

Rimmel's Apocalips: €7.65

The three I picked up at the launch are all pinks, in an effort to make the boys winks. Celestial and Galaxy come gorgeous, office-friendly tones while Apocaliptic is a real head-turner. In fact, it's my pick of the pack.

Have you tried any yet? What d'ya make of 'em?

I've only just been given a couple of these beauties by the brand but have been nodding along at this entire post. Well done, All the Rs! In the words of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 'Thank you, come again!'


Unknown said...

Great post, Ive read so many good reviews I really must invest!

Gilded Glamour said...

I thought Lorraine was gone from blogging! :O so happy to have found you through Cherry Sue! :) xx

Leanne Cornelius said...

I'm pretty much in love with my one of these, I need more! Xx

Sana said...

Im in love with Apocalips <3

Makeup Over Mind said...

I adore them! Big Bang is amazingness!! :)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I love my Apocalips! You look gowjus in the photie bridie :)