Monday, October 05, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 05/10/15

Just a few of the Moments I'm most grateful for this week:

1. Popping up an invitation to the upcoming Glossybox/Nars event on my Snapchat to say I can't wait & receiving an email from the lovely PR to say 'Hey, Thanks for the RSVP!'

2. My very good journo pal, Brenda giving us the heads up on the NYC City Passes - 
saving us a forch!!

3. Pulling out my purse at the M&S tills & a crumpled €5 off voucher coming with it!

4. Adam saving the day by bringing over the lunch I'd lovingly prepared & promptly forgotten...

5. The good folks at Toyota offering us a car for a week! We're going to do something really special with it so if you've any suggestions for Random Acts of Kindness - Lemme Know!

Tell us, what Moments are chasing your Monday Blues away today? 

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