Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 19/10/15

It's my favourite day of the week - well after Pay Day that is - MONDAY. A day for reflection, showing a little gratitude for the small things and inviting better things into your life in the week ahead. 

This week has pretty much passed in a blur, but what a fantastical blur it was:

1. My Sis in Law FINALLY joining Snapchat because that means that one of my most gorgeous niblings, Alexander is now also on Snapchat by proxy. They live in Wales so we don't get to see them nearly often enough ~ so much so that I bought baby Alex a Toothless Build a Bear with my voice inside telling him I loved him so he'd recognise me on the phone. 

Now I can fire up the app and tell them I love them with my face included! I know I love Snapchat for a million reasons but knowing I can speak face to face with the little ones any time at all turns it into a whole lot more than it was before for me. 

(Cath is @battlemum on there & Corrina is @stonetravel - they've both just joined so give 'em an aul add to see what excitement they're at!)

2. Managing to catch up with one of my favourite cousins, Kathy now that she's returned home from Australia! We hit the town on Friday with her and Adam, her bestie and laughed from the time we met until the early hours of the following day. 

It does a heart good to catch up face to face, offline, in real life too. 

3. The very lovely Roisin (the brains behind I Do for Syria) is also the brains behind invited me to give a Business Class on Blogging (while raising my boys) over on site. 

I first got to know Roisin through Snapchat too (@Roisinanna9) She makes me guffaw daily with her no holds barred insights into parenting & the actual life of a Mum working at home. To say I'm delighted with how the post turned out is a definite understatement. 

I bawled reading it, Corrina bawled reading it, then I bawled at Corrina bawling reading it. If you're starting out Blogging or raising little 'uns yourself do please give it a squizz HERE and let us know what you think. 

4. An incredible overnight stay with Corrina in The Spencer's penthouse on Friday. If you were following our Snap stories you'll have gotten the skinny but honestly, they couldn't do enough for us. 

The room was beautiful and the staff were hospitable beyond measure. If you're looking for an overnight stay in Dublin I couldn't recommend them more. (not sponsored, just seriously impressed)

5. Last and by no stretch of the imagination least is the very kind peeps over at Stellar mag featuring me in this months #MYBLOGLIFE! You'll remember from posts SUCH AS THIS that it truly is my favourite Irish magazine, the only one that I've subscribed to, that's how much I enjoy it. 

The feeling of opening a magazine you respect and enjoy so much to find your story featured is honestly incomparable. Since I set up this blog 5 years ago there have been many 'pinch me' Moments - this is WAY up there with the best of them. 

Tell us, what's been the Moment you're most grateful for this week? 

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