Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Costumes and Treats that Won’t Make Your Bank Manager Scream!

Fellow parents would agree that Halloween can cost a fortune, the total cost of costumes and treats really can make your purse scream but to you know what? Like everything else it really doesn’t have to. A little preparation will see you and your ghouls having a fangtastic Halloween. I’ve already shown you how to make awesome Halloween costumes for boys Here. This week I’ve interrupted Tuesday’s Travels to let you know how to make scary as hell costumes for girls.

Not so Scary....
As my twin daughters are 9 in a couple of weeks they’ve decided they’re over the childish costumes they used to wear & wanted to dress as something scary this year. That’s perfectly fine but any decent costumes they chose in the shops were €35 each, no way Jose was I spending that much especially as I’ve 5 children to kit out and get supplies for our Halloween party and treats for the mountain of kids that’ll be knocking on our door come October 31st.

I started my research as I usually do with Google, which swiftly brought me to Pinterest. As the girls wanted twin costumes this year they were fairly limited in choice but they saw a pin of the Grady twins from The Shining & thought they looked fairly frightening. My search was on to find blue dresses, white socks & pink ribbon all on a tight budget. EBay was a bust nothing there; same with Amazon, then I thought I could get two Alice in Wonderland costumes & use them. 

Unfortunately the cost of two costumes & shipping to Ireland was astronomical so I had to go back to the drawing board. Then it dawned on me I just needed two blue dresses, pinafore style would do. Dunnes Stores online produced two blue pinafores with white collars for just €9 each and delivered to my local store free. Perfect. 

If you happen to be in a Kildare hotel this weekend ~ Do watch out, won't you?!

While up on a jaunt to Dublin I called into Hickey’s on Henry Street and found the exact ribbon I was looking for, costing only €3.75 for the amount I needed to tie around the girls waists. We already had knee high white socks and black school shoes, fake blood from Dealz at €1.49 for 2 tubes completed their costumes. In total it cost me a little over €10 each for their costumes and two hours scrubbing to get the fake blood off my hands!

These two messers couldn't stop laughing ~ Took us 30 minutes to take the pictures!
How Did We Do?!

We also made Halloween chocolate apples today, again really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Lidl is fantastic for quality food on a budget. I bought a tray of 6 large Golden Delicious apples for 59c; Fin Carré milk chocolate bar 69c, Fin Carré white chocolate bar 79c and Halloween sprinkles €1.99. For a grand total of €4.06 we had great family fun in the kitchen making, decorating and eating our chocolate apples. Perfect way to keep little people entertained during midterm break.

Home made chocolate apples ~ Better than shop bought ~ EVERY TIME

Have you gotten up to anything spooktacular over the 
bank holiday weekend?

What are your little ones wearing for the big night?

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