Thursday, October 01, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Hey, everyone! For those of you new here, Things That Rustle My Jimmies is the most popular regular post we do. People relate to feeling stabby now & then - who knew?

Each week I unrustle my jimmies by looking at situations for what they are, ridiculous, and appeasing myself through the magical medium of gif. 

There is serious catharsis to be had from releasing your own Kraken so do please feel free to add your own across any of my platforms!

In no particular order of pissiness this week:

1. Offering to stay late in the office & only realising when you leave that it's been 
NINETEEN DEGREES all day long!

2. People stealing drinks. OK I get it when we were teenagers but when we're all grown adults? If you're stuck for money I'll buy you a drink, hell I'll buy you three but stealing them? No excuse!

3. Listening to yourself repeat the same Snap over & OVER again, while you write the caption - YES I can mute it while I write but I always add it without unmuting again - always!

4. Feeling the need to check for open plugs anywhere I might be for more than an hour - 
It's an illness!

5. Living on dust & twigs while we save for New York. I KNOW it'll be worth it once it comes around BUT STILL!

Tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week then? It works, I promise!

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