Friday, June 17, 2016

Gods of Egypt - Movie Review!

Who's In It?

Brenton ThwaitsNikolaj Coster-WaldauElodie Yung, and Gerard Butler

What's It About?

After Set crashed Horus' coronation and killed his father Osiris to take his kingdom, human Bek teams up with Horus to defeat Set and save his dead girlfriend.

Any Good?

This came out a good bit ago in America so there was reviews out already, and after reading them and watching the film I'm convinced that reviews can become a hive-mind way too easily.

People HATED this movie, with some of the complaints about the CGI which was mostly FANTASTIC. The shots of the cities and pyramids were amazing, especially when stacked up against the bloomfest that was Warcraft. The gods also had Iron Man-style transformations that looked incredible, and the bleeding gold was so clever - they got away with pools and pools of blood. I will say that the fight scenes between the humans/gods and monsters were almost Scorpion King level bad, but 3 out of 4 isn't bad at all.

An extra large image to show the beauty of the city

The gods had some interesting perspective tricks applied to them to make them taller than humans, which was odd at first but got better as the film went on. There was trouble over "whitewashing" the cast which I get, but this is a movie review not a soapbox so lets just leave that there.

The acting from the humans was not the best at all, with Bek really taking his role serious despite being comic relief; while most of the gods cheesed it up and that suited their characters much better than Gerard Butler's 300 redo.

Horus' Transformation

I'm honestly surprised at the hate this movie got, I understand that whitewashing is a thing (ESPECIALLY with the live action Ghost in the Shell), but ignoring that it's a fairly decent movie - much , much better than the similar Wrath/Clash of the Titans. It looked fantastic and the story was good, but I can nearly guarantee if this was from Disney or Pixar people would say it's one of their best lately.

I'd definitely recommend it, but do bear in mind it's an action-adventure and it's meant to be a bit over the top. 


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