Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Granted it's been one of the best weeks in past history around our way with the arrival of our new pupper but there are jimmies to be unrustled - they're are always jimmies to be unrustled...

1. Finally finding the perfect new shades & them promptly pulling out my entire crown of hair by the root when I put them in my hair...

2. Cyclists that bloster through pedestrian lights!!

3. Forgetting a change of bra when out & drenched during a lunch time walk. Watermelons are no fun in a place of business...

4. My Sony screen cracking ONE WEEK after paying an exorbitant amount to have it fixed. Apparently when they're waterproof, their screens are made of egg shell - IT'S OUTTA HERE!! 

5. A new colleague hearing we adopted Heidi & saying 'Wow, so there's no time for grieving in your house then?'

All in all, I'm glad of the unrustling - tell us, what's been rustling yours this week? Hmmm?

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