Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to Save a Packet on Dublin Airport Parking!

The major key in our ability to travel so much is that I actively root out bargains, all the time. Airport parking is one of those things that you really don’t need to spend a fortune on as they’re all secured and monitored. We’ll show you how to save a packet on airport parking and there’s even some promo codes too that’ll rack up those discounts.

No matter what airport you’re using I highly recommend booking online before you go to achieve maximum savings. Today I’m using Dublin Airport as an example and the screenshots below are quotes for two weeks parking.

For Belfast, Knock, Shannon & Cork Airports you can use airpark.ie or looking4parking.com to compare rates however as you can see in the screenshots below airpark.ie seems to be the cheaper option as they quote €84 while looking4parking.com quote €90 for the same car park. But which is my favourite & why? Read on to find out!

DAA Airport Parking

I understand you’re paying for convenience by parking in the short term car park at Dublin Airport but to me these astronomical prices just aren’t worth it. Considering the last flight I booked for our family of 7 cost just €90 paying €135.95 for parking seems ludicrous. However if you really must be close to the airport I have a great option for you below, saving you over €40 on DAA rates.


This is a great comparison website that can be used for all airports in Ireland. Here you can get quotes for eXpress park meet & greet at Dublin Airport, as I mentioned above if you really need your car near this is an ideal option as it’s  valet car parking. They’ll meet you kerbside at Dublin Airport so you can transfer your luggage from your boot directly onto a trolley and take the hassle out of travelling with children as no shuttle bus is required. 

Upon your return they aim to have your car back at the Airport within 10 minutes of your call, this service costs €94 for two weeks a saving of over €40 on DAA short term parking. They are fully insured to drive your car and they’ll make sure you don’t have a flat tyre or flat battery on your return.

This is also a comparison site for all airports in Ireland but just take note of the price discrepancies as they seem to charge more for some car parks.


Quickpark is my favourite car park and we’ve been using them for years with no issues. It’s the most hassle free parking I’ve found in Dublin Airport. Book online before you go, scan the QR code from your phone at the barrier to enter and exit. No printing required, no remembering tickets, no queuing at a pay machine and the icing on the cake is that they have promotional codes.

In the screenshot below I’ve used promo code WOOF for €10 off parking over 7 days duration. If you’re parking for a shorter period use codes NOVA or CINEMA for a 10% discount.

As ever, our main aim is to get you on that plane with as many sheckles in your pocket as possible, hopefully this helps!

Tell us, do you have any hints or tips for saving spends on airport stays? 


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To save on Dublin Airport parking costs, consider off-site parking options. Compare prices online and book in advance for discounts. Utilize public transportation or carpool to reduce parking days. Opt for economy lots or park farther from the terminal for cheaper rates. Be mindful of any loyalty programs for additional savings.
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