Monday, July 30, 2012

Nail Art for Nail Biters - The 5 Minute Metallic Leopard

It's week two of my life with nubby nails so I've another simple manicure to show you that will look good on shorter nails. I called this the 5 Minute Metallic Leopard because, genuinely, this will take you 5 minutes. That time is helped hugely by the gold polish I chose, Essie's Good as Gold, this is a One Stroke Per Nail polish and a quick look at the wide brush will show you why:

Essie's Good as Gold from the Mirror Metallics range - wide brush and beautiful formulation mean One Stroke Per Nail

I used the nail art pens from River Island that I featured in my Award Night Nails look, they're 2 for €10 and fantastic value at that.

To make your leopard print simply draw two semi circle, squiggly lines in close proximity to each other. They never have to meet but it really doesn't matter if they do, can you think of a leopard with perfectly uniform spots? Simple dots between the spots fill on your design and add to the effect.

I chose an accent finger with this look that's just the exact opposite of the other nails, even with different consistency of the gold nail art pen the effect is similar.

Of course if you wanted to omit the accent nail and just go for gold, that works well too..

These 'spots' are more V shaped but you can see that the effect is just the same (This one took less than 5 mins!)
What do we think? Are you a leopard lover like moi? Reckon you'll give this five minute manicure a shot? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I abso love this!! They're gorgeous and I'm totally going to try this once my nubs have grown a bit more!

S said...

I love it Sue, doing a pastel version now, never even thought of leopard for little nails, am growing out a few breaks so this is a godsend! x

Unknown said...

I think I could do this one

liloo said...

this looks so effective but i bet I would screw that up.
liloo/@tsunimee xx