Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's Moments - 12/03

Morning, lovelies, we're almost halfway through March and trundling toward a Bank Holiday weekend - Hoo ah!!

1. Are you for Serious?!

Last Monday afternoon I received the most wonderful email, well I received scores of them but the first, the catalyst, was a mail from It's one of the foremost social networking sites for bloggers and readers, with a potential reach in the millions and they were congratulating me on being their featured blogger. Me.  

Hold the actual phone, little 'ol moi? I've only been at this schizz a matter of months. What followed was an inbox almost filled with congratulations and friend requests from some of the loveliest bloggers in the world, literally. Over 1,000 additional unique views that day and escalated views every day since. I'm hugely honoured and even more chuffed at the mention. Go me, yeah! (You'll have to imagine the Team America air grab there)

2. Ooh Choon, Choon, CHOON!


My journey to where I need to be in the morning for the past couple of weeks takes about 30 minutes. The difficulty with listening to morning radio shows, though, is that some of them play next to no music but try so hard to be funny that it makes me want to punch myself in the face - if that wouldn't alert passing motorists I'm not sure what would. 

Erring on the side of caution on Wednesday, I chose a channel I never normally would. Now, a catchy ditty coming on when the sun is shining and life is good is great an' all but two songs? three songs? - try every feckin' song from my house to the destination. Early morning good mood agogo!

3. Chokage!

I like to laugh. A lot. We know this, right? Well this vidjo, ladies and gents has had me in absolute fits the entire week. I saw the gif on Reddit a couple of weeks back but had no notion that there was actual footage of this awesomeness. I must have watched it 6789506 times. It's got to the stage that I don't even need to watch it, just the thought of it makes me chuckle. 

Is your Monday high on the crap scale so far? Give it a click there and be amazed at the zebra shuffling skillz. 

4. Mozzarella Palace

My time spent watching Marty the zebra there wasn't an entire waste though. On Saturday night I got to put my own mad skillz to the test as I went ag dámhsa with the gorgeous sisters Karen & Joanne. Lun.A.Tics!!

We had an absolute ball, laughed for the entire night and danced our little hooves off (Cicaplast to the burning ball rescue once more!). The club was cheesy, it was heaven. There was great company. It was Cheaven. 

5.  Meet & Greet

Final moment for today is a very surprising, unexpected but cockle warming meet and greet. I shared a link for free cinema tickets on my Facebook page last week for Contraband, it's actually the first screening I've been to that was full to capacity. Crammed in like sardines. Sardines at the pictures. 

That's what makes this last moment all the more surprising. As I was leaving I was chatting to a pal who had used the link to score tickets but I got a tap on the shoulder from the friendliest stranger I've yet to encounter. Turns out she recognised me from my blog picture and also managed to grab free tickets so wanted to Thank me and let me know how much she enjoys reading the blog. Made my night! Sinéad, if you're reading, Hi! *waves*, I do hope the interview went well :)

Et voilà, the five moments from my week that make Monday all the more bearable pour moi. Et toi? Care to share?




Anonymous said...

Congrats on the famousness!

The highlight of my Monday so far was getting to pat a policeman's horse. (I love animals, horses in particular).


Sue Jordan said...

Ha, Thanks, Elenorjane! Have to say I love horses too, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to pat one. Those police horseys are hooooge!

Unknown said...

;) and a massive congrats to being front page material

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Well done on the blogger's nod! well deserved innit :) had a ballfest on Saturday, literally, Scots in kilts haha!