Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brilliant Instant Bronzers ft He-Shi Luminous Shimmer, Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil & Pixy Glowing Body Butter

I'm all for beauty on the run, because I'm mostly on the run but what with us knowing now what we do about harmful UV rays, bronzing on the run is also an essential part of my readying up for a night out or just in the quest to appear less dead. 

Three of my ultimate instant bronzers have to be He - Shi Luminous Shimmer, Clarins new Splendours Shimmer Body Oil and Pixy's Glowing Body Butter. Read on to find out for why: 

He-Shi Luminous Tanner: €12.50
The winner of the Image 2013 Best for Shimmer Beauty Award, He-Shi's Quick & Easy Luminous Shimmer is exactly that. Quick, easy and shimmery. 

This deep mahogany brown gel, crammed full of gold and rose gold shimmer was a little off putting with it's stunning shimmery ways in the tub but the effect on the skin is instant, light catching, bronzed gorgeousness. 

With the staying ability of bronzers three times its price, apply this beauty with a mitt to your decolletage, and arms for an instant, lasting sun kiss. 

Clarins Splendours Body Oil: €37 (Limited Edition)
This limited edition super sparkly body oil is probably the least oiliest oil you can find. It applies like a dream, scented like holidays and it's infusion of golden micro particles blend seamlessly with your skin to give you a subtle, summery shimmer. 

Hazelnut oil nourishes your skin beautifully and the scents of mandarin, grapefruit, Tonka bean and ylang ylang work to give this oil it's stunning scent.
As with all things Clarins, Splendours oil is a little bit of luxury for a reasonable price. This is the one I've been reaching for most of the instant bronzing helpers so I'd advise if you'd like to sample it that you hot foot it to your nearest Clarins counter before it goes bye-bye. 

Pixy Glowing Body Butter: €12.99
You'd be mistaken for thinking you'd been duped when first reaching for Pixy's Glowing Body Butter. The whipped up bronzing souffle inside is light as air and smells incredible

Crammed to the brim with Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet apricot oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, fragranced with jasmine and laced with mica to give your skin an instant shimmer, this is the most nourishing of the three when it comes to getting your glow on. 

Such is my grá for this little whipped pot of wonder that it made it into my May faves with ease. 

And that's them, my top three for getting your instant glow on. 

Have you tried any/all of these? I'd love to know what you use when bronzing on the run. 


Unknown said...

Ooh good picks Sue - these three are little stunners alright!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I'm obsessed with the Pixy body butter for it's smell and have the tub beside me when I'm sitting on the couch for easy whiffs. The Clarins one really does smell like holidays doesn't it? And as for the He-Shi offering, my hobby is to open the pot in the sunlight and jiggle it so I can enjoy all it's sparkley goodness ;)