Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Constantine - Upcoming TV Reboot

Soooo, this is happening. A reboot. An exciting reboot. About bloody time too.

Having recently started reading the Vertigo Hellblazer (The new DC version is too kid-friendly for my tastes) I have fallen in love with a certain dear Liverpudlian, liar, empathetic and chain-smoker named John Constantine. He's hilarious, a massive dick and way more powerful than he deserves - an occult Deadpool if you will. 

From the trailer we can tell that NBC are have gotten 3 out of 5 things right from the source - the hair, clothes and nationality. The accent sounds like a Dublin guy badly faking a London one which is a let down, but the biggest shame is HE DOESN'T SEEM TO SMOKE. Constantine loved his fags, every panel he would have one in his hand and the movie that was so left field at least got this, so I hope to god that he does too or it'll just put me off a little.

I have high hopes here NBC, don't Fantastic Four all over it.

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