Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Origins Modern Friction Instant Brightening Pads - They Pack a Powerful Punch

I've been a fan of Origins Modern Friction ever since my thirsty visage tried it first 18 months ago. You can see my glowing review here but when I saw that Origins were releasing all of that natural skin polishing goodness in pad form my interest was piqued. 

Who doesn't love to cut their skincare time to smithereens? Or a natural product with enough oomph that it's a viable alternative to chemical peels? When the Modern Friction Instant Brightening Pads dropped on my desk, I was counting the hours until I could put them to the test. 

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Paraben, sulfate & phthalate free!

Made using the tried and true Modern Friction ingredients: fruit acids, rice bran extract, aloe comforting complex (aloe, perilla seed extract & caffeine) with an essential oil blend of lime, grapefruit, lemongrass, spearmint, clary sage, geranium, lavender and thyme. That's a lot of scrubby, comforting goodness to pack into these double sided discs, right? It is and it works. 

I think what surprised me most by these Instant Brightening Pads was just how instant the effects were. The pads are double sided and you can feel the scrubbiness as you swipe them across your clean fizzog (avoiding your eyes)(trust me), the tingle starts almost immediately and makes me believe these will not be the friend of any sensitive skinned ladies. At no stage is that tingle uncomfortable though. Wet enough to leave a slight residue, I wait until that has dried before I press on some serum then apply a hydrating moisturiser or unctuous night cream. 

I've been having a love affair with brightening products of late, I think it's the spring in the air but these powerful little blighters have taken that to the next level. Strong enough that you only need use them twice a week for one minute at a time yet gentle enough that my skin is comforted and soft when I do, I can see this particular Origins newbie being in my rotation for some time to come. 

You'll get Origins Modern Friction Instant Brightening Pads on counter from June, priced at €44 (same price as the original scrub) for 40. 

What say we to beauty in speedy pad form? Reckon you'll be picking these up?

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